#65: Conrado Bauista The Clever Investor Show Podcast


In this episode, Cody Sperber interviews Conrado Bauista, he immigrated to San Francisco and began purchasing real estate. Conrado has learned from failures and successes that connected him to Cody Sperber. They are now working to help Conrado get to the next level of real estate that will 10x his income and mentorship goals. Conrado and his wife are in a great place and he has aligned his personal life for success. Conrado gives a valuable message to listeners who are trying to make it in real estate.



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Connect With Conrado Bautista:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/conradobautist/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/conrado.bautista.9400

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@conradb89

Phone Number – 415-213-2227




Conrado learned about the game of real estate through trials and success through his career.


Cody Sperber is helping by teaching Conrado about the next level that will make him wealthy.


They talk about how wealthy people make their wealth through real estate and taxes


Marriage is an investment, if your marriage, family, mental and physical health are aligned your business will be too.


The value of social media and growing a community.


00:00 – Intro for Conrado Bautista

02:24 – Conrado’s Backstory

03:50 – Homeowner, Contractor & Investor Journey

05:44 – I Lost Half A Million To A Mentor

08:41 – How I Found Cody Sperber

12:45 – The Deals Conrado Made

14:35 – I’m Building My Community on Social Media

16:13 – Conrado’s Operation Management

19:56 – What Are ADUs?

21:15 – Wholesaling Is A Huge Focus

24:49 – The Benefits Of Joining Mastermind

25:46 – Why Would You Be In Real Estate And Pay Taxes?

31:37 – My Marriage Is An Investment, Is It Worth The Cost?

35:07 – You Are The Man, People Will Remember How You Help Them

37:06 – It’s Hard To Be An Immigrant It’s Time To Lead

37:37 – Conrado’s Message In Spanish – Get Laser Focus

39:19 – Conrado’s Thoughts On The Real Estate Market In The Bay Area

41:01 – Cody’s Challenge to Conrado

44:12 – Social Media Content – 80% Personal 20% Real Estate Advice