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A.I. Real Estate Investing

How Brand-New Wholesalers Are Making Extra Money Using An A.I. Deal Finder In Just 8 Minutes.

Do Deals With Me

Do Deals With Me | You Find, I Flip, We Split Profits!

Deal Automator

The ultimate real estate investor tool, for finding, funding and floating houses. Find, motivated sellers, automate, deal, flows, capture, leads, communicate with buyers or sellers, and create digital contracts.

Free House Formula

How I get free houses… How my students get free houses… And how you can, too. See how to get your free house in as little as 30 days. (No license, experience, or credit needed)

The 30 Day Challenge

All the training, tools, and support you need to close a no-money-down real estate deal in the next 30 days. Are you ready for the challenge?


How To Go From Feeling Confused To Scaling Your REI Business – By Working With Me! As A Full Time Recession Proof Real Estate Investor!

Want to get started in Real Estate Investing? Not Sure where to start? We can help guide you in the right direction.