#33: Jim Kwik The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning and NYT bestselling author, is a renowned brain performance and memory improvement expert. As a brain coach, his clientele includes CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and high-achievers. Kwik overcame a traumatic brain injury at age 5 and personal learning struggles, developing methods to unleash the limitless potential of the mind. He has been sharing these methods for over three decades.

As a sought-after speaker, Kwik presents to a quarter-million people live yearly. His accelerated learning academy, Kwik Learning, has students across 195 countries. His esteemed clientele features Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, WordPress, SpaceX, U.S. Air Force, Cleveland Clinic, Caltech, Harvard, and Singularity University.

Jim also hosts โ€œKwik Brain,โ€ one of the top educational podcasts on iTunes with 50+ million downloads.

In this episode of “The Clever Investor Show,” Cody introduces Jim Kwik, an expert in learning and memory techniques. Jim shares his inspiring story of overcoming a brain injury and developing strategies to improve learning. He emphasizes the importance of learning how to learn for success in the 21st century. Jim discusses the power of focus, reading faster, and improving memory, highlighting their benefits in various aspects of life. He challenges fixed intelligence beliefs and encourages self-belief. Jim explores brain optimization, memory enhancement, and personal development. He provides tips on nutrition, sleep, stress management, and continuous learning for brain health. Jim also mentions helping actors and TED speakers improve memory and cognition. He encourages taking a quiz for personalized recommendations and talks about the importance of taking action, responsibility, and making a positive impact. Lastly, he discusses personal growth, goal setting, and unlocking potential.


Jim shares his personal journey of overcoming a brain injury and developing skills to improve his learning abilities.

The importance of learning how to learn as a competitive advantage in the modern era.

The power of focus, speed reading, and memory improvement is discussed.

Jim challenges the idea of fixed intelligence and encourages people to believe in their potential.

The limitless model of mindset, motivation, and methods is introduced for personal growth.

Brain optimization, memory enhancement, and personal development are explored.

Tips for motivation, brain health, and memory techniques are shared.

Taking action and implementing knowledge is emphasized.

A quiz by Jim Kwik is mentioned, offering personalized recommendations based on personality types.

Sharing quiz results on social media is encouraged.

The importance of making money matters and giving to charity is discussed.

Personal growth, goal setting, and unlocking one’s potential are highlighted.


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00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Bedros Keuilian

02:12 – Jimโ€™s inspiration for writing the book

03:11 – How Jim learned how to read

04:31 – The number one wealth building asset

05:09 – How Cody got started in the real estate industry

07:33 – Learning the skill of learning HOW to learn

08:50 – Learning is remembering, especially in business

10:49 – What is the limitless model?

11:34 – The three things to control

13:04 – Mindset, motivation and methods

14:29 – The three keys to limitless motivation

15:29 – The importance of purpose in motivation

16:32 – What are some good brain foods?