Michelle is on Pace to Do $350k This Year & Has a Goal of 1.2 Million Next Year!

"I have spent over $150,000 on numerous other real estate programs and struggled to find true mentorship. The fear I felt when I hit my first challenge in Cody's mentoring program was quickly erased when his team of coaches surrounded me with 24/7 support and encouragement. Within a few months I had achieved a six-figure income.


18 Year Old Hunter Teams Up With His Brother to Make Real Estate a Family Business

"Flipping houses with my brother has been a blast! No more 60-70 hour work weeks. The program is very simple and straight-forward. Clever's resources eliminated so much frustration in every deal we made. Their system's are foolproof and the flow charts eliminated a huge learning curve for us."


How Nick Beat a Brain Tumor and Won in Real Estate

"After being diagnosed with brain cancer I lost my business while supporting a wife and 2 kids. I knew I needed to find a reliable way to provide for my family that would ensure I had ownership and control over my future. Real estate it was. After wasting $100,000 on 4 other programs, I found Cody. It's refreshing that he cares enough to work with you and is actually doing deals still himself."


Sean Talks How He's Making "Stupid Easy" Money in Real Estate

"I was anxious to hit the ground running as I had a successful mortgage background and was extremely determined to make enough money to take care of my family. I quickly realized that I had to slow down in order to absorb all the valuable teaching Clever was offering. That's when the breakthroughs in opportunity, personal vision and goal comprehension really started happening and I found the right motivations starting to align."


Michael and Linda's Daring $1 Million Dollar Comeback

"After losing our retirement in 2008 and wasting money and time on other programs we became excited over the sincerity and integrity of Cody's program to actually deliver a set of tools, systems, education, knowledge and support that would enable us to leave a legacy for our children."

Michael and Linda

How Bobby and Sandy Are Using Real Estate to Obtain Financial Freedom

"Clever Investor is so genuine. You can just feel it. Cody Sperber and the team really want to work with people and help them succeed. They're not in it for the money. They're in it to help others obtain their freedom. And, when I saw that...I realized this was the program we needed to do"

Bobby and Sandy

How Justin from Boston Quit Construction and Succeeded in Real Estate

"I always knew there was something else I was supposed to be doing. All roads seemed to point to real estate but I didn't know where to start. Cody's system not only showed me where to start but also helped me keep momentum. Eventually I didn't need to sleep on my buddy's couch anymore or generate second income with construction work."


Kansas Man Makes Over 5 Figures In One Month Flipping Houses

"I was a foreign national software engineer who didn't know the first thing about real estate. Clever met me at that level, and graciously guided me through every step, at my own pace. I love the true support the Clever family offered when I had a problem. Achieving your dream of financial independence and even becoming charitable with your success is possible with Clever if you have the courage to step outside of your wheel-house."