Milwaukee Investor Gets All the Support He Needs from Clever Investor
Balaji V.
Cameron decided it was time for a career change.
Cameron .
Mentoring Student on track for 300k this year
I'm a mentoring student, just wanted to send you guys one of my deals. I'm on track to make over 300k this year just wholesaling.
Tyler S.
Henry from Virginia attended our Clever Labs and was able to send out 4 contracts and finally closed on his first deal!
Henry ..
Deciding to move my interests in real estate, for me, was like moving to a foreign country to do business. Clever Investors has been my interpreter up to this point. They have stuck with me, even during times I wouldn't stick with me. Thanks for holding me to this point. I believe it is a big start. The knowledge I have received confirms I will see more checks like this, but bigger! Thanks for your confidence Nancy!" Thanks again, Mike
Mike I.
"We have closed on our first rehab project with a profit of 29,000 and change. so excited and thanks to everyone who is so very helpful at Clever Investor and Nancy our Mentor who helped us all along the way. We are now onto our second one now!!!" -Scott Zabka
Scott Z.
Thank you to everyone who’s helped me every step of the way. Especially my mentor Nancy!!! This deal was a tough one, but she made sure I never gave up! I’m forever grateful for my mentor and all of the Clever Investor team! WOOHOO!!!
Ana A.
New York
Hey man I brought your flip for big profits training and it helped me close my first deal! it helped me change my life! - Here's a copy of the check...
Dan K.
New Jersey
Paul and I are happy to report that we closed on the "Subject To" property and we received a $5,550.00 Assignment Fee for this deal! Just to recap on how we came to obtain this deal. We actually heard by word of mouth that a couple we are acquainted with is going through a divorce and they needed to get out from under their house ASAP or they were going to loose it to foreclosure! We immediately contacted them and told them we could help them find a Buyer. They were 5 months behind on their payments. We immediately signed a TREC with them and they agreed to no Earnest Money down. We then found an Investor who had a Buyer willing to come in and pay up all the back payments, pay the closing costs, plus pay our Assignment Fee. Also, We have already bought our next 6/2 house, (we'll just call it the "HOT MESS" House) in Terrell with 2200+ sq. ft. Good News! We've already found a Buyer and Assigned it for a $6000 Assignment Fee and we are closing on it March 8th! We are steady looking for our next deal. Thank you for pouring your knowledge and experience into us. Your coaching has greatly helped us through this whole process, from how to look for the Deals, how to build our Cash Buyers List, how to Market our Deal and How to look for an Investor-Friendly Title Company. Looking forward to doing great things in 2018!!! Paul & Shanna Brookshire
Paul&Shanna B.
I wanted to share with you my experience with the Clever Investor family. My relationship started almost 3 years ago when I joined and signed up for the full package that included the mentor program. I was so excited and when I returned from the training I set up my business in California and I was getting ready to send my first marketing campaign out and was offered a job in Texas that I couldn't refuse and put my RE business on hold until I settled in and moved my family. 2 years later I wanted again to get my business started and I called Clever to see what I need to do? They told me they would have someone call me and the following day I received a call from Nick and he went over the program I bought and noticed that I didn't really even get my mentoring started so he offered me to re-attend the clever labs and set me up with a new mentor. I was so excited that I immediately booked my flight and was on my way back to Arizona. Once I arrived at at the training I was introduced to my student teachers Michael and Jennifer White. We immediately hit it off and Michael and Jennifer helped me with my approach and how to dig in deeper and ask the right questions. I immediately hit the phones and the first day was more practice than anything but I started to get in a grove and my fear was gone. During the second day, I started to get pissed because I still wasn’t finding any qualified leads to do a deal with. During our last break on the last day, Michael handed me 4 leads. 3 out of the 4 were solid leads, I was getting very excited. One lead ended up being a 4 house deal and was put under contract and we closed the property and profited $51,000. This was the first ever deal that i did and Michael and Jennifer obviously were instrumental in the process and walked me through the entire process to writing the contract and why they do what they do. It finally became REAL! My dream became REAL, it worked, it actually worked. My advice to anyone looking to get into Real Estate investing, this is it! This is the most advances, most complete, most honest and ethical company in the industry! It works, its real, and in the end, follow the program and you will succeed. You will never find a company that cares about your success more that Clever. I'm very happy that they teamed me up with you for my mentoring and I appreciate your guidance and leadership helping me move forward. I also want thank you for being flexible with our calls as my schedule changes minute by minute. Lastly I want to share with you my experience with Michael and Jennifer, my student teachers. They are extremely busy with and yet they are always available to answer questions for me. They are the most honest and ethical people I have meet in a long time and I not only met great partners but truly great people. I am not sure if any company can offer what Clever offers. You get a 1:1 mentor, You meet student teachers, you get the best tools in the industry, and you get the best customer service and support in the industry. It amazes me that anyone would join any other company. I almost forgot to mention something very important! I met Cody over 2.5 years ago, I personally spoke to him on the phone when I joined Clever and met him in person at the clever labs. 2.5 years later I met him again and he looked at me and said great to see you again, I remember you! Seriously? I have no idea how he remembered me, but it really did make me feel important and it inspired me to focus! Clever Investor, thank you for everything! Truly a world class experience…
John P.
I was laid off from my job in January So in February I started my own business (with my unemployment checks) Designing houses. It wasn't really even paying the bills. In May I saw Cody's Facebook Ad about real estate investment and after doing a little research on him and the company I chose to purchase the program. I have purchased a few others in years past and they were not useful at all. With Clever investor, they gave me usable information and the ability and knowledge of when and where to use it. They gave me contacts and other businesses to use for certain things so I could set the process in motion. My first deal was a co-wholesale with a new friend from the local REI site (which was recommended by Clever Investor) for $5000. Going through my new buyers list I had a bidding war on it within 10 hours and within 12 it was under contract. During the same time I received a call from a direct mailer about another local property. Within a 24 hours I had that property under contract and within another 24 hours I had the buyer under contract. My buyer also noticed a house for sale through an agent down the road and asked for it too. So in another 4 hours that home was under contract on both sides as well. We had a simultaneous close on both properties and between the three properties I had made $23,000 (making $15,000 on my original mailer property). I now have 7 properties under contract from sellers (totaling $33,000) awaiting buyer contracts. I went from not being able to pay the bills and receiving unemployment checks to building a secure future for my family. I could not have done this without the help of Cody and the Clever Investor Team. Thank you all so much.
Michael L.
Thank you Clever Investor for teaching me what I need to do everyday in order to build my wholesaling business. Before joining the program I closed 2 deals in 18 months and made less than $2,000 total. I was a struggling real estate investor. With Clever Investor and Cody Sperber in less than 30 days I closed my first deal made $9,160 and I have 2 more deals in escrow totaling $9,500 more coming. The teaching is top notch and I owe a lot to my mentor Dave Ludena for his guidance and knowledge. Thanks again from a happy Real Estate investor AB
Alain B.
Thanks to Clever Investor for their teaching and a big shout out to my mentor Dave Ludena for his guidance, this all started with the Magic Bullet #1 postcard mailed to absentee owners and we took this inbound seller call thru the script and a few calls later....we assigned our contract for a $12,000 fee ( $8,550 plus earnest money held ). I love this wholesaling game !!!!!
Alain B.