Profit System

The Fast Track Profit System is the most complete educational course ever developed by Cody and his team. When you get on the fast track you simply follow Cody's 6 step system, finally putting you on a direct path to wealth.

Most complete educational course ever developed.


M5 Marketing


As a real estate investor, marketing will either make or break you. Without a strong marketing presence you can't expect to make a dime, but with one you can literally write your own paycheck. The M5 Marketing Machine was designed to get you going online.

Designed to get you going with your online marketing.

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Direct Mail


The Direct Mail DealMaker is the result of years and years of hard work, test marketing and field research. The end result? An absolute turn-key system, even including Cody's personal distribution and printing connection for push-button direct mail fulfillment.

Get your phones ringing and your business booming!

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Start Closing


Learn how to profit as a real estate investor. Includes 'Your First 30 Days in Real Estate Investing' workbook, Investing Guide: 'Making Money with No Cash or Credit', DVD: 'Developing a Real Estate Millionaire Mindset' and 30 Days of the Professional Membership (Optional) and it's all FREE.

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Clever Investor


Getting the right education to succeed as a real estate investor is one thing. Putting that education into action is a whole different story. By working with a world-class mentor you get the one-on-one accountability you need to ensure your goals become a reality.

Put your education into action with Clever Mentoring.

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