You Need to Break Free of the Elephant Mentality

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Hey all, I want to dive in deep today.

I want to talk about fear.

What’s your greatest fear?

Public humiliation, getting your heart broken, losing a family member?

The list of fears is never-ending and so many of us fear different things.

Big or small, there is something that keeps us up at night. There is always something that stops us from performing to our best ability and stops us from following through on our dreams.

But do you want to know what my greatest fear is?

My greatest fear would be being 90 years old, sitting on death’s doorstep, looking back at my entire life and realizing I have a massive amount of regret.

Regret of not taking enough chances, not following my dreams and pushing myself to my fullest potential because I was scared of failure or worried that others might judge me.

That is my greatest fear.

So many times in life we choose to be average, we choose to play small because of the limited environment were raised in, being constantly surrounded by people with negative mindsets. We’re told that failure is bad, that we should be limited by the labels people place on us and that we will never overcome obstacles.

If you continue that kind of mindset, you will never break free.

There’s this story my mentor told me when I first got started in real estate about a group of elephants. These elephants were all tied up together by a small string on their leg. Even though elephants are these big, strong creatures, they never tried to break free of those constraints.

Do you want to know why they never broke free?

Ever since they were little elephants they would use the same string to hold them together, they would try to break free, but would fail every time. Now, they’re big and they’ve been conditioned to believe they can’t break free of the constraints. They’ve accepted that their life will be this way and never try to push forward.

Humans are exactly the same way.

We are surrounded by all these negative things and we refuse to break free.

We’re conditioned to believe that life is just this way and we cannot create change for ourselves, but that’s not true!

WHERE you are in life does not define WHO you are in life!

Stop letting labels, your environment, your past failure, your fears and everything define who you are.

None of us were put on this Earth to be small or average. We are not meant to limit our actions due to low expectations.

You are meant to be a leader and live a new standard. You should be working to make yourself a better life and not sitting there wallowing in all the negativity and letting others with limitations limit you.

Decide now that you are done living like this. You refuse to settle.

You are ready to make success an obligation and not an option. Push yourself to the highest standard.

Be great because you and your dreams matter.

You are going to face some challenges along the way but tell yourself you’ll push past those challenges. You will get there.

So when you’re 90 years old, and you look back at your life and you can be proud of everything you did, all your dreams that you chased and accomplished and happy with the people you surround yourself with.

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Take care, comb your hair.

Cody Sperber out!

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