Your Life in Inches

From Dave Victor, Real Estate Rockstar…

I really don’t watch sports. I mean, I would rather watch farming than baseball. I would rather watch paint dry than football. You get the point.

So, for a guy who isn’t really into watching sports, I really do love watching movies about characters who happen to be athletes. They truly have some of the best motivational speeches ever penned. I was watching one of my favorite speeches from a movie with Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday, where he states:

“You find out life’s a game of inches, so is football… The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game, every minute, every second… We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when add up all those inches, that's gonna make the difference between winning and losing! Between living and dying! I'll tell you this, in any fight it's the guy who’s willing to die who’s gonna win that inch. And I know, if I'm gonna have any life anymore, it's because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch, because that's what living is, the six inches in front of your face.”

Man, if you haven’t seen it, YouTube that scene. The whole movie, actually, is worth the price of admission.

I love that scene because when we start out in life, and for the purpose of this post, our journey as a real estate investor (entrepreneur) is literally like looking down a football field... We see this big piece of field ahead of us, and it sometimes may feel like a pie in the sky that we are looking to get and sometimes it may seem so insurmountable.

Commit to Winning

According to a state I Googled, did you know that only .08% make it to the pros when they leave high school? I found that to be pretty remarkable. And the ones that make it are the ones who continue to practice day in, day out and who commit to winning… and who move forward, despite how daunting it may be.

Think of every letter you send as one inch gained. You get a seller call, you take a lead = inch. Then you get an appointment…. that ball is going down the field… but then they don’t want your offer. Tackled, fumble, loss of yards.

But are you going to let that knock you out of the game? Hey man, there are at least 4 more innings. (I kid, I know there are 9 quarters.)

Sometimes, we may want to throw a Hail Mary - hit the easy button. Look for that shiny new thing, because “this is just too hard. It won’t work.” How often in a game do you see that? That’s a move of desperation. You want to win? Follow the play book. Follow the system.

Here is another great, relevant quote:

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour or even a year, and maybe more. But eventually it will subside. However, if you quit, that pain will last forever.”

I love that quote. I would tattoo it on my body… THAT pain may last a bit longer than a few hours. I may just get “mom” instead.

Be You

Every single day, you get an opportunity to make a real sacrifice — and understand this doesn’t mean that you have to give up something you love… it means that you can give up FEAR.

Every day, you get this amazing chance to give up fear on the altar of action. YOUR field of action. Do the thing that makes your pulse go up. That’s living. You’ll know you’re knocking on the door of novelty when you feel a surge in your heart — when you say, "I can’t do this, I don’t know, I can’t, I’m not gonna do it, I can’t do it"... THAT'S WHERE YOU NEED TO BE.

Fear isn’t real. We create if from something from our past. I’m not talking about danger. That is real. I’m talking about fear of failure that is fabricated by something that happened to us.

Do you realize how powerful you are? Just by being YOU. The power you have inside - that may be hidden? It’s just itching to get out. That safety “mask’ we hide behind that “saves us” is actually stifling our success.

Heck, as long as we are going all footbally… here is another great movie clip that pretty much sums it up. This is truly inspiring and true.

Just remember, we all start from the end zone on day one. We have to make our way down the field. Go claim your inches… and claim your success … and your FREEDOM.

Rock on,

Mentor Dave
The Rock Star Real Estate Mentor

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