Successful People Are Intentional

I enjoy encouraging others even though I’m not what you might consider a motivational speaker. I realize that life can get tough and sometimes discouragement can set in – that’s why I want to take a moment to encourage you, Clever Investors.

Be Intentional

When I’m in the gym in the morning, I like to plan my week and my day in my head. I do that as a matter of habit. I know where I’m going; I know what I want to accomplish and I go after it. I’m intentional about what I do.

Winners are intentional; successful people are intentional.

I’m well aware that not everyone lives life in this way. And that thought led me to want to share my heart with all of you in hopes you would take this message and apply it to your life.

As I was planning my goals for the week, I made sure they were big and scary. So many times when I talk to friends and family members, and they ask what I’m doing these days (you know those kinds of questions), and I share some of my big, huge, ginormous goals… their eyes get big and their mouth falls open. Some just want to quickly change the subject.

Really Big Goals

When I start my week with intention, my goals are really, really big. I’m out there on the hunt for multi-million dollar properties; I’m structuring multi-million dollar deals; I’m forming working relationships with millionaires.

My point here is that you need to be setting really big goals as well – and I’m talking about BIG, not safe and average. Even if I don’t totally hit my target, I’m playing at such a level, and I surround myself with others who play at this super-high level, that I’m still miles ahead of my competition.

Only good things can come out of my week because I’m shooting for these big targets.

Permission to Sacrifice

After I set the big targets, I then give myself permission to sacrifice and pay the price. Not a lot of people are mentally tough enough to do that. My philosophy is that I want to pay the price today, so that I’m in a position to pay the price tomorrow. I want to afford really nice stuff.

I live in a multi-million-dollar house; I drive exotic cars worth over $2M. I have nice things, but it’s all because years ago I started off intentionally giving myself permission to sacrifice and to do whatever it takes. I give myself permission to sacrifice; I give myself permission to fail. The things that others are not willing to do, I’m willing to do.

That was my mentality. There’s no challenge; there’s no hurdle; there’s no opinion; no excuse that can stand in the way of my goals. Also – and this is big – I never cared what other people thought. I hope all of you investors will move into a place where you don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Other People’s Opinions

When I first got into real estate, my dad told me I was making a mistake. When I first started Clever Investor, my dad told me I was making a mistake. I don’t fault him for that because he was being a dad. From his perspective, he was doing what he could to protect me from failure and from getting hurt.

I look back and realize that if I had listened to him, along with all my other well-meaning friends, I would never be where I am today. I would not be anywhere near the level of success that I have achieved.

And I’m just getting started.

You can do the same thing. You have to say to yourself – sometimes several times a day:

“I just don’t care what anyone says. Stop. Get out of my way. Don’t talk to me. If you’re not on board with what I’m doing, then just get out of my way.”

You cannot afford to be around those who negatively oppose you. Make up your mind that you’re not going to take advice from broke people – or from quitters.

There are a lot of quitters out there in the world. They just quit. (I’m not saying that quitting is never an option, because I’ve made some business decisions in the past that looked good at the outset, but then reality set in and I saw I was going in the wrong direction so I quit and readjusted my course. But I never quit on my lifelong goals, dreams and visions.)

I’m talking about people who have a quitter’s mentality – a quitter’s mindset. They think they don’t have what it takes, but they’re not willing to do what it takes to get where they need to be.

Greatness Inside

The truth is, every one of us has greatness inside of us. No matter who you are; no matter where you are in life. What you choose to do to pull that greatness out, and to manifest it, and to create an environment where greatness can flourish, is ALL up to you. It comes down to your intentions and your actions. What you do right now in this moment.

My mentor used to say:

“Stop waiting for all the lights to turn green before you take that cross-country road trip. It’s not going to happen. That’s not the real world.”

Make up your mind to the fact that stuff is going to get in your way every single day. But remember, the bigger the challenges you face, the bigger the outcome will be.

I like working out at the gym because I see those who are willing to sacrifice to have a healthy body. That’s what I want as well. I want to be healthy, not only physically, but also spiritually and financially. I want there to be love, caring and good friendships in my life.

But all of this requires intentions. Intentionality. This is not luck. This is not happenstance.

Am I resonating with you? This is what I think about all day, every day.

Money Is Positive

Thins reminds me of something important and interesting…

Some people talk negatively about money and that bothers me. I love to talk about money. Money is a very positive thing in my life. I don’t worry about looking cocky or braggadocios. I’m happy where I’m at – being able to enjoy the nicer things in life. I enjoy taking nice vacations with my family, I enjoy having great experiences. I want to set a good example for my kids by teaching them the good, positive aspects about money.

I think it’s sad that everyone gets excited when their friend lands a job, but when another friend starts his own business, there’s only silence. How did we get to the place where stepping out and taking risks (calculated risks, I mean), playing full out and dreaming big has become a negative? Why does the world not applaud and support that… and encourage the entrepreneur to be great?

Look, I was this nerdy kid who got picked on and was one of about three kids in a totally Hispanic neighborhood in Mesa, AZ. I smoked weed, ditched classes, floated through high school making Cs and Ds and never had any dreams or ambitions. When I started in this business, I was $30k deep in credit card debt.

This is why I can say to you – if I can make it, you can too.

When you change your mindset, you’ll change your world. I want you to catch the vision that you’re well able to do what you dream of doing. Now get out there and make it happen!

Your Turn

Hopefully this has given you a kick in the rear and made you want to get out there and make things happen. If so, share the tips and tricks you use to keep momentum going when it would be SO easy to quit. I love hearing from you!

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