Life Tasting Kind of Sour Lately?

Perhaps these questions will help you figure out how to make it taste sweeter!

1. Are you listening to your instincts?

Has something been bothering you lately? Maybe something in your life just feels a little off. That could be your sixth sense, or intuition trying to tell you something important about your life. Maybe it’s time to listen.

2. Where do you get relief and relaxation in your life?

Are you all work and no play? Do you drive yourself all day only to fall into bed exhausted? What little creature comforts are you treating yourself too? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate how little or how much you are taking care of yourself.

3. Where do you get a rush from your life?

When was the last time you felt a rush of adrenaline that made you feel on top of the world? We all need those times that break us out of our habits and make us feel alive. It doesn’t always mean you have to go bungee jumping or sky-diving; but maybe you need to listen to your instincts more about what sounds exciting and go for it!

4. Are you being challenged to step outside your comfort zone?

We know it sounds scary, but being uncomfortable can sometimes help us achieve goals we never thought we could. It can help increase creativity and even help you age better! How safe are the choices you've been making about how your universe runs? Stretching yourself to do something outside your wheelhouse can create that personal growth you may have been needing.

5. Are your expectations in-line with your motivations?

Are you motivated to work harder this week because you’re going to be rewarded at the end? Does your reward equal the amount of work you put towards it? If not, maybe it’s time to look at alternative careers. Constant disappointment like this can lead to immense frustration that can affect your whole life.

6. Do you have the freedom at work that gives you direction and satisfaction?

Does your boss listen to your ideas? Do you have the freedom to self govern your day and decide how your work should get done? This level of autonomy at work greatly helps increase job satisfaction and happiness. Most jobs that allow a healthy level of autonomy also offer a proportionate financial reward for the increased productivity this allows.

7. Are you realizing your true potential?

Do you recognize your talent and are you nurturing it? Are you able to express your talents at work? Do you know what makes you unique? Everyone’s potential includes the ability to be happy and have personal freedom. Unfortunately, happiness is so often tied to our level of income. We all know that money isn’t everything, which is why real estate investing is so fantastic. It allows for freedom in both your personal AND financial domains.

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