How TIME + DEAL = Money (Step by Step)

From Franklin Cruz, REI Drill Sergeant …

I had the rest of my career on cruise control

What drove me to work harder than ever? Keep reading...

This process has transformed my life, and I have now helped many others chase their dreams and live the life they want to live!

After 7 years in the military, a tour in Iraq, my last military service duty was to be Generals Aid in Central Command. After I start working my new assignment, I quickly discovered that this job is a cushy one with minimal responsibilities and maximum rewards.

I could have acted like a senior in high school who just got accepted into a good college - just coasting through until my time in the military was served and I was finished with that chapter of my life’s journey…

The safe, grounded, comfortable side of me was saying: “Man, I just served 7 years active duty, only 13 more years and I can retire at the ripe old age of 39!” Despite the cushy job and the career on cruise control, I just didn't feel happy. I know I was supposed to be investing and selling real estate full time, NOT just part time. So the stronger, more adventurous part of me that knew I was meant to touch lives was tugging at me saying: "Franklin, it's time... to move on."

I was *this close* to getting out of the military even at this point, but on top of all that cushiness and ease of work, the gig just kept getting sweeter and sweeter...

The highest ranking enlisted Command Sergeant Major of the entire Iraq war wanted ME to be his personal aide. This guy was no joke. Decorated, dedicated, respectable. The man showcased everything the military teaches you to be and then some. Remember General Tommy Franks? This Command Sergeant was basically General Franks’ second in command.

As a matter of fact, he wanted me to work as his aid so badly that he set it up for me to throw out the first pitch at the spring training game for the New York freakin’ Yankees…

Ahhhh!!! Dream come true for any baseball fan right there… not to mention I got to go in the dug-out with Joe Torre, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Paul O’Neil and some of the other greats in NY baseball history...

Here’s a picture of the ball I got that that day...


Even with ALL of the awesome perks that came with the job, I STILL decided: NO! I'm getting out of the military.

I absolutely adore this country. But I did my time, I served my country to the fullest. Life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom is the American dream. I just could no longer live my life wondering “what if?”

My amazing mother passed away tragically while giving birth to my younger brother, Jordan. To live in her honor, I know in my heart that my mom would NEVER want me to go to my death bed having any regrets. From that day, I have embodied the mantra that: We are NOT promised or guaranteed tomorrow in this world.

I knew I had to take immediate action, so I decided to start the process of getting myself out of the military. Now more than a decade later, I can honestly say that decision to get out of the military was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.

Buddhists speak of mindfulness and living “in the now.” If you are thinking about yesterday, you might be depressed. If you’re thinking about tomorrow, you might be anxious. What we focus on grows. And while I am no Buddhist, that stuff kinda makes A LOT of sense when you think about it in this context.


Living RIGHT HERE AND NOW has helped me live the life I want. Now I love helping others follow their dreams!

If you focus your energy on taking ACTION today, RIGHT NOW, worry, fear, self doubt and regret begins to dissipate. Your true self shines through and allows you to chase your dreams. We are not in this world to live up to society’s expectations. If you believe you deserve more wealth, more love, more creativity, more everything... go get it.

While you think about that for a little while, let me ask you some questions:

What REALLY drives you in this life?

What keeps you up late at night?

Your true passion shouldn’t be a far off destination you’re reaching for and hoping for someday. You need to start RIGHT NOW. For me on my journey, I realized my passion was real estate investing: purchasing and selling house and properties, helping good people into wonderful homes, and yes - making myself millions in the process. This is why, when my “AHA!” moment struck, I couldn’t sit on my hands for one second - I had to take the first step.

And the biggest question often is:

What's stopping you?

Money? Where you live? Your health? Not enough time between work and the kids? The majority of limitations we place on ourselves are constructs of our minds. Belief in yourself and your product is key. I discovered the only thing stopping me was devoting all of my personal time to the military.

Entrepreneurs have to be willing to work twice as hard so they can live their lives twice as happily and easily.

Don’t wait another day. It has been said that a journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step: call your mentor and schedule a coaching session NOW!

Keep moving forward.

Stay healthy and wealthy, my friends.


Franklin A. Cruz

“America’s Real Estate Mentor aka the REI Drill Sergeant”

PS. Got a Mentor?

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