How to think like a real estate millionaire in 2019

Let me ask you something, what's your relationship with money? Did you grow up with a positive belief about creating money and keeping money? Or are you surrounded by a scarcity mindset? I'm going to get down to the root causes of financial success and I'm going to share with you how millionaire real estate investors think about making money.

Let me ask you, what's your money blueprint? I mean, we all have one. It's the way that you think and you feel about money. What are the stories you tell yourself about money? Is it an abundant tool that you invite into your life? Or are you always stressing out about getting more of it? How do you talk to other people about money? Do you celebrate other people's successes? Or do you automatically become jealous? Do you keep your thoughts about making money private? Or are you openly aspiring to live a wealthy lifestyle? Who do you role model after? Your parents, friends or a teacher? Could it be a wealthy mentor that's crushing the money game?

Lastly, do you clearly know why you want to become rich? Is it simply for the material things? Or do you have a deeper why? Maybe it's to help a friend, family member, kids or church. It can also be some great charitable cause that you're super duper passionate about. Your money blueprint is created and affected by many, many things and it normally starts with how we were raised by our parents. Did they have a positive relationship with money? Or did they accidentally cause you to absorb a negative relationship?

Now, when you were growing up did you hear things like, "rich people are greedy" or did you hear things like, "rich people are generous." How about, "Money is the root of all evil." You also could've heard,"God wants you to live a fruitful and abundant and wealthy life." Being successful, it's going to empower you to go out there and help more people. How about this one? "It takes money to make money." Here's another one, "It takes creativity to make money." So where am I going with this, sometimes our parents say things to us that accidentally create our money blueprint and it's not their fault. Maybe their parents accidentally did it to them.

Well, I'm here to tell you that no matter what you grew up around, you can quickly, positively change your relationship with money and create more of it, invite it into your life, simply by changing the language patterns that you say to yourself when you think about money. For instance, here are some money affirmation examples that millionaire real estate investors say to themselves:

1. Money is good and I adore money.

2. There's no limit to the amount of money that I'm capable of earning.

3. Money loves to be around me and it loves to multiple.

4. Earning money is a direct result of the value that I could provide for other people.

5. Money is simply an energy that allows me more freedom.

6. Rich people aren't greedy, they're generous.

7. It doesn't take make money to make money, it takes creativity to make money.

Now, here's the simple truth when it comes to real estate investing. I could show you the best strategy in the world for generating wealth, that's ever been created. If you have a broken money blueprint, it's always going to be difficult for you to win the money game. If you start focusing on creating a positive money blueprint now that you've watched this video -- then you can't loose the game. That's because you're the player, you're the referee, you're the owner. You create the rules, you set the timer, you decide the outcome. It's up to you and only you. It starts with the way you think, and it's thinking like a millionaire real estate investor.

So, get out there, make 2019 your best year financially that you've ever had. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I'm Cody Sperber the Clever Investor, signing off for now. Take care, comb your hair. Sperber out.

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