How can you overcome fear when you're a brand new real estate investor?

What does fear mean to you?

Fears don't go away. You just learn how to manage them, and that's pretty much what fear is. We've all heard the acronym -- FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. It's a real feeling.

I want to give you a couple simple things that you can do if you're a new real estate investor. Hopefully, my suggestions can help you overcome fear.

I know a lot of people that hide behind their fears and end up making a bunch of excuses for themselves:

  • Training wasn't good
  • It was old and outdated
  • Information was bad
  • The advice was bad
  • Someone just got lucky

First off, let's just think about what happens when you start feeling fear. The anxiety comes, you fall back to your comfort zone, and that's where the uncertainties are.

Fear to me is nothing more than all the what-ifs in the world.

When I look back over the 14-plus years I've been doing this, none of my fears have came true. Sure, I've been told "no." Sure, I've gotten hung up on, and sure, I walked away from the house without getting the contract signed. All good real estate investors have. That's how you learn, develop inner strength and inner wisdom. These are actually good things. You want those moments to happen.

That's where you form the strength to become great. The big fears, the what-ifs, very rarely happen. Don't let those things stop you.

The second thing you need to know to overcome your fears as a new real estate investor is, you need to become a student of the game. You can't wing it. Go out there and find somebody crushing it, somebody that you respect, somebody that you look up to, and just do exactly what they're telling you to do. Trust the process, and follow it.

Also, like a good mentor, you want to have an accountability partner that will hold you accountable for taking action. Remember, knowledge itself is not power. What's powerful is when you focus that knowledge on activity. That's when it becomes powerful. Just sitting there hiding behind your fears, making excuses, creating the perfect logo, making your website awesome, saying all the perfect words, sitting there reading the manuals 7,000 times, watching Cody Sperber videos until you're not sleeping anymore -- you don't need to do that stuff. Get the information, and go out there and immediately take action.

Lastly, lower your expectations on yourself. I've done this my whole life. I am my own worst critic. I look in the mirror, and I beat myself up way more than anybody else beats me up. We're always taught to stay in this little box and never stray too far out. That's dangerous. That's where the fear lies, the unknown, uncertainty, failure and success. Normally, if you're playing average, you're playing small and you're not going to experience too many fears.

You deserve to have a life full of happiness, joy, fulfillment, financial security, and financial independence.

I have learned how to overcome my fears when I started my journey in real estate investing and I know you can too!

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