The effects of the government shutdown and how real estate investing helped this man

It's been over a month since the government has been shut down. Doyle Cook is a student with Clever Investor and did a Q & A with us on how the government shutdown has effected him. Especially, his family, but real estate investing swooped in. He recently locked down his first deal. Talk about perfect timing.

1. How has the government shutdown affect you? What is your current job title?

In October 2018, I reached my 20th year as a federal government employee. I have served in many different investigative roles (Special Agent with the Treasury Department, Investigator with the Department of Labor, and currently as a Special Investigator for the Department of Agriculture). The shutdown affected me on January 11 when an expected biweekly payday did not get deposited into my bank account. It was kind of shocking. (I have been ) 20 years employed and they can do this? I am fortunate to make a decent living from the government. I take care of my wife, our three kids (17, 14, 10), and my mom. We depend on that biweekly check.

2. As a family, how much of an impact has it created, drastic life changes?

We have been living on credit cards to have enough money in the bank to pay for the mortgage, utilities, and other bills. We have more debt than I care to admit. My wife works at a low-paying job taking care of physically/ mentally handicapped children and that’s a blessing we enjoy. Yet, she is stressing out that our main source of income has been affected. This month, the only money I’ve earned was from the Air Force Reserves for work performed at the beginning of the month and now from my real estate business.

I want to be at point out that we are fortunate because of multiple income streams are available. I am a Navy Veteran. After completing my 8-year Navy enlistment (Navy & Navy Reserves), I took a six-year break from the military before joining the Air Force Reserves in 2008. The Air Force Reserves provides another income source for us. I am also a Private Investigator and just accepted a request to perform a background check on a candidate for a local law enforcement department -- so that will help too.

3. What will you do if this (government shutdown) doesn't get resolved soon?

I personally do not want to return to federal government employment. I’d rather pursue this real estate investing business. Tonight, I have a conversation scheduled with a franchise to discuss the opportunity to own a staffing entity. I am entertaining that as an idea. I’d like to have as many sources of income as possible so no one thing can hurt us. I'd also like to leave a legacy for my kids. If this does not get resolved soon, I will continue doing what I always do - work, work, work at developing real estate investing.

4. Is real estate investing a saving grace, especially during these hard times?

Yes. The check I received on January 18 was very helpful and shows me all my efforts have not been in vain.

Real estate investing has been a stressor too because I devote a lot of my free time to it. I go to network meetings regularly. I meet people for coffee regularly. I have a power dialing tool so my VA can call people efficiently. I get leads from Deal Automator and skip-trace them. I hire a VA to work 35 to 40-hours a week performing FSBO lead generation activities and calling the leads.

5. What geared you towards Clever Investor? What locked you down?

We looked online for reviews of people who purchased the above education program to learn -- there were a lot of negative reviews. As a result, we chose to decline their up-sell attempts and we researched the internet for other real estate investing training programs. We found Clever Investor. There were zero negative reviews -- I couldn't find and that caught our attention.

Cody appealed to us. He seemed like an average guy. Like him, I was an enlisted Navy guy back in the 1990's. Like him, I knew what it was to want to create my own future; not depend on an employer. Like him, I want more and I want to provide for my family.

6. How long have you been a student?

We joined either at the end of July 2018 or beginning of August 2018.

7. What's your opinion on the actions taking place around the government shutdown? Only if you are comfortable to talk about it.

They worry too much about their status as one party being different than the other party (Republican vs. Democrat). They worry too much about being right, or sticking to their guns to prove they’re right, or proving how much they hate one another rather than seeing the bigger pictures of lives being affected due to their ideals.

8. What other words of encouragement do you want to deliver to other families going through this?

Trust God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Trust that all things will work out and sometimes struggles are put in your way to create character and to show you that you can handle anything that life presents.

Doyle decided to take action and do whatever it took to put his family through and you can too!

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