Challenge Yourself and Give Back To The Community

Hey guys, it’s Torsten Coulson again, taking a quick break from our 10 Critical Steps to Fix and Flip Success series for something I think is really important…

Today, I wanna talk about challenging ourselves and giving back to the community.

A few weeks ago in my real estate investing company, our team talked about ways to challenge ourselves. We talked about this so that we can become better than we were yesterday and to help us stay focused. We came up with ways to challenge ourselves in business, our personal lives and talked about ways to give back to the community.

I want to share with you our first community give-back challenge.

First we started to talk about helping to feed the homeless – we came up with a few traditional ways, so I challenged the team to do something better…

We challenged ourselves to give out 100 lunches to the homeless in downtown Phoenix. We had to give up a Saturday night and Sunday afternoon to make it happen.

Here’s what we came up with: Make 100 brown bag lunches with bottled water. Then pass them out to the homeless in downtown Phoenix. Within 30 days we’ll do it again and double our numbers!

Here’s how it went down...

To help with the project, I recruited my family and a few friends. My kids and I went to Costco to buy the supplies. (They had a lot of questions about homeless people.) We bought peanut butter and jelly for sandwiches, granola bars, fruit snack and small oranges.

Next, I had the team and some friends over on a Saturday night to help make the brown bag lunches. We had all the kids help, too.

I know that everyone could have had fun Saturday night plans, but they sacrificed to help others who are in need. We made 100 brown bag lunches.

(Here’s a side of awesome – Sunday morning, I went to the gym early and when I walked back in the door, the house smelled like PB&J, I smiled!)

The fulfilling delivery.

Sunday afternoon we set off for downtown Phoenix. We went to a park that we knew had a lot of homeless people hanging out. We filled the wagon with the lunch bags and filled our backpacks with bottles of water. My son, who’s 8, stepped up to pull the wagon. As we walked through the park, we asked who’d like a free lunch...

From time to time, my 6-year-old daughter would say, “Daddy, there’s someone who needs our help!”

Everyone we came in contact with was extremely thankful. Some would ask politely if they could have an extra lunch for their friend or an extra from themselves. One group had a toddler and thanked us many times.

On the drive home, I asked my kids what they thought…

My daughter said it made her feel good inside because we helped people who can’t help themselves. My son said he has a dream when we grows up that there will be no homeless people.

Now it’s your turn.

I hope you read this and make a challenge for yourself to give back to your community.

We’ve added an additional challenge to personally hand out 1,000 water bottles in the next six weeks. We’ll track the number of bottles we give out and see if there are other groups that can give out more than us.

See ya then…

Torsten Coulson

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