Beware: Vision Contamination

From Bridgette Cruz…

Warning! What I am about to share with you could completely change the way you think, react, and perform from now on…

Have you ever met someone who was critical or negative all the time? Let me guess, you either would ignore them or attempt to change their view on the situation for hours upon hours until you finally decided that this person was just the way they were.

Let me also assume and assert that you avoid sharing yourself with this person out of fear that they will judge and assess every word you have to say – and in the end, they leave you powerless, frustrated or just plain regretful that you ever opened your mouth to begin with.

Well, my friend, if that scenario triggered something inside of you, let me tell you…


Yes, contaminated by another person's outlook on life. Whether positive or negative, we are either contaminating others or being contaminated.

Your outlook contaminates everything you touch!

Outlook – a person's point of view or general attitude to life. Your outlook is a reflection of what's happening on the inside of you.

I always wondered why I was not having breakthroughs in certain areas of my life. My business, for example – I would have a plan of action or a great idea that I was completely lit up about taking on, and then that day would come and go and I would sabotage it.

With what? Negativity, doubt, fear, procrastination – all of the above.

Where did all of this come from? From inside!

Deep down I had this thought that I did not deserve to have it all. I could not have everything I wanted. I was raised by a single mom until I was 12 years old. My mom was a hard worker and I watched her work more than one job on numerous occasions just so that we could have “enough,” the necessities.

I developed the mindset that to have what you “need” takes a lot of “HARD work,” so the thought that I could have MORE than what I ever needed wasn't even a reality. Having more than enough would require “even MORE HARD work.” I couldn't possibly imagine that. I was never lazy, I just could not envision having MORE than ENOUGH.


I didn't deserve that. I didn't deserve to have a complete family, my own room growing up, or even new clothes. How was more than enough even an option? This was the “outlook” I carried around with me everywhere!

I would take on a dream and get just close enough, and then bail on it. There was no way I was capable of reaching it anyway... SABOTAGE!

I would start a relationship – strong and powerful – and when the “going got tough,” done. I would sabotage it! It wasn't going to work out anyway. I did not deserve to have what I truly wanted, right? Another outlook I carried around with me everywhere!

Obviously, these outlooks were engraved in me from a past experiences way back when.

It's internal and it’s all made up! Yup, made up in my head.

When I began to notice this pattern, I decided…

Enough Is Enough!

I made the decision that anything I wanted in life was obtainable – and yes, little ole' me could have anything she wanted with the right outlook, of course.

Things began to shift around me in every area of my life. Doors began to open and close. The doors I had once walked through when I carried around the “Old Outlook” no longer applied to my life. It was miraculous when they all began to dissolve, and I was actually okay with it because I knew that it was not in alignment with who I am.

“Out with the old and in with the new!”

New doors began to open that were in perfect harmony with this new song I was now singing called “Anything I want is possible in my life.” I began to see it clearly in both my personal and professional life.

When the going got tough in my career, business, and marriage or at home with the boys, I would tell myself... ‘NEW OUTLOOK, anything is possible. How bad do I want it?’

It took action, it took perseverance, it took faith, it took endurance and it took patience.

So there you have it, folks…

Now, no more excuses, no more procrastination, no more whining, no more sitting back and wishing upon a star for the next big deal, big phone call, big break or even luck.

Get up and make it happen. Why? Because you deserve to have it all and we want you to have it all!

~ Bridgette Cruz

I’m Listening

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