Are you TRYING to FAIL at Real Estate?

From Dave Ludena, Real Estate Rockstar…

I love this Yoda quote. For a little green guy, this dude had some pretty deep lessons. I wonder if he was a real estate investor…I could sure use some Jedi mind tricks with some of these sellers I work with.

The “Try It” Syndrome

The “Try It” syndrome is something that cripples would-be winners out there, regardless of the arena. It practically ensures defeat. Ever “try” to skydive? Nope… you do it, or you DIE.

There was a cool movie (well, it was cool when I was younger, circa 1992) called the Cutting Edge where two figure skaters were attempting a never-before-executed move. Check out this clip and specifically what the coach says at about the 1:48 mark. Basically, if they only tried this thing and didn’t give it 100% someone was gonna get hurt.

A “Trying” Example

Let me give you an example I just thought of today as I was running. I love to run. Today was kind of tough though. Let’s blame it on a late night playing music at my local open mic night establishment. I’m committed to my good health, so off I went, kind of just pushing myself, halfheartedly going through the motions.

Four miles later and with about 1 mile left to go, the sky got dark and I started to hear thunder in the distance. No bueno. I had my iPhone and very expensive ear buds - all in danger of becoming drowning victims.

Suddenly, I realized - I have a choice.

Either get moving or get wet. So I picked up the pace and, at first, it was a struggle. But as I moved faster, it actually became EASIER. My legs actually hurt less, and I forgot about my cramp as my mind focused on the singular task of moving my ass like a vampire running from the sun.

Just when I thought I couldn’t run any farther, I felt the first drop hit me. Flame on. I pushed myself beyond what I thought I had in me, and just as I got to my house, the sky began to cry. I was spent, tired, and out of breath…but I WON.

The Language of Triers

I speak to a lot of investors who want to be successful. Well of course they want to be. Everyone does. But I can pretty much tell within minutes if this person is going to even stand a chance or not based on their language…

If they tell me they want to “try this and see how it goes,” I know they either need to change that thinking or they should just stop now and save themselves a lot of time, money and aggravation.

This “try” mentality is usually a result of the past...

Past failures, past bad experiences, past fears that seep through our subconscious mind and then manifest into the conscious mind.

Here is the good news. This can be reprogrammed.

I’m not a head doctor, but I could play one on TV. Research has shown that while the conscious mind can hold one thought at any given instant, there are tons of subconscious thoughts flying around in our head. So the trick is to get that part of our brain to think the right thoughts so that our conscious mind is congruent.

A “Trying” Demonstration

You ever go to a movie and the sad part comes on where the music swells and the character you fell in love with dies? Your throat tightens up, the tears start welling in your eyes and you may start to actually shed tears. You KNOW these are just paid actors reciting lines on a set. It’s FAKE! Yet your subconscious mind believes it and so it manifests in tears and emotion.

I wish it were as easy as they showed in the Matrix - just plugging a wire into the base of our head and downloading what we need. Maybe one day.

But today, we gotta put in the time and effort. You need to commit to reprogram your mind by bombarding it with positive thoughts.

I can’t understand how people go to bed watching the news… as they close their eyes, all that crap they just saw is now free to roam through their head for the next 7 hours.

How about something positive instead? Watch a video on YouTube from Zig Ziglar or Tony Robbins. Fall asleep with some positive affirmations pumping into your ears. Wake up in the morning and speak your affirmations. Listen to a motivational podcast.

Watch your negative self-talk. Next time you hear yourself use the word “try,” replace it with “I will do.” Go on - “try” it for a month and I promise you will see a difference.

Rock on.

Mentor Dave the Real Estate Rockstar

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