3 Angles of a High Performing Investor

Hi guys, Franklin Cruz here – REI Drill Sergeant and Mentor …

In the real estate investment biz, high performance is all about strategy. And one of the best ways that I’ve learned over the years to successfully plan my selling and buying strategies is to create a High Performance Triangle… and to work the system like the investing ninja that I am!

Not Your Typical Polygon

So what does this High Performance Triangle look like? If you’re a visual person – and most of us are – take a look at this 3-sided wonder. It will be your best friend from this day forward.


The bottom of the triangle, the segment that serves as the foundation and basis for the triangle as a whole, is integrity.

Think about what integrity means, what it means to you, to your buyers and sellers. It means being up front and honest… not just with your others but with yourself as well.

Integrity is a critical component of real estate investing where major financial decisions are in play.

Effective Communication

On the left side of the triangle is Effective Communication. I’m talking about rapport building, sustaining relationships, and – this one is huge – meeting your buyers where they are…

I’m not talking about at the local bar or coffee shop. I’m speaking figuratively, not literally. Meeting your clients where they are means catering to their needs; showing compassion and understanding. Be present with them and be considerate of their time.

Here’s what I mean…

You call your buyer in the morning, and you know immediately by the groggy morning voice that you’ve rudely awakened him. Do you power through you call and force a conversation upon him or do you politely say, “My sincere apologies for waking you. Would you like me to call back at a later time?” Consideration. It’s simple.

You’ve got to make sure you’re communicating in a way that your buyers and sellers can simply understand. Don’t be cryptic, and as in any healthy relationship, don’t expect them to read between your lines. Speak from the heart, and speak directly – yet courteously.

Remember there’s a difference between communication and effective communication, and conquering the High Performance Triangle means becoming a master of effective communication.

High Performance

The final segment that completes the triangle and brings it all full circle (or should I say full triangle) is about high performance. Translated, this means being detailed and being one heck of a good listener. It means being a doer not just someone who walks the walk.

In the second segment of the triangle, we talked about building rapport and maintaining relationships, but now I’m talking about having a relationship with your calendar. It is possible? Of course!

From now on, think of your calendar as your Bible; your religion. Refer to it regularly, and use it to work more efficiently. Learn to manage your time better and track your progress with relentless precision.

How can you work more efficiently, are you managing your time right, are you tracking your progress? Get in touch with these questions and step up your game. That, my friends, means High Performance.

Put Yourself on the Couch

Now that you understand the 3 Angles of a High Performance Investor, you’re ready to rock, right?!

I admire your fire – really, I do - but I challenge you to put your business under the microscope for just a moment...

Ask yourself how you can incorporate the High Performance Triangle into your daily business practices and communications with buyers and sellers.

Landmark first introduced me to this business model. They inspired me to customize it for the real estate investment world and to ultimately share it will all of my students. Here’s hoping you’ll extract some valuable insights from it as well.

Now go work the High Performance Triangle like it’s your J-O-B.

Oh wait, it is.

Make it Happen!

Franklin A. Cruz

PS. Got a Mentor?

Whatcha Think?

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