What the gurus didn’t tell you!

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From the desk of Cody Sperber:

Are we friends?

Reason I am asking is because for today’s Clever Weekly I wanted to share something with you that may be one of the most important conversations we ever have…

a real…raw…brutally honest conversation that may hurt your feelings.

But it’s one that I wish someone had with me when I was working so hard to become successful.

You see…when I first got into the business I used to go to dozens and dozens of seminars, and I would wait for a break…and I would push my way up to the front of the room…and get close to the Guru so I could quickly share my story and ask for advice.

“Mr. Guru…I’ve been working so hard…barely any sleep…working through lunches…even weekends for months…but I’m not doing any deals or making any progress…

What is the secret to success…what am I missing?”

And I would sit there waiting in suspense as if the Guru would lean in and whisper some magical secret in my ear…a secret that would catapult me to the next level.

But something funny happened time and time again.


They would ramble about hard work and dedication….and this tactic or that investing strategy.

Then I realized…there was no secret to success.  There were no magic words.

It was a mixture of things (like a formula) that all had to come together in a certain order for things to take off.

Yes, working hard was part of it…but how many of us know someone who works hard for 20 or 30 years only to be left financially screwed just when it’s time to retire and live out your golden years???

So hard work by itself isn’t it.

And yes, being consistent is important…but not just normal consistency as in perseverance over a long period of time.

What about consistency in your actions working on THE RIGHT ACTIVITIES?  So many of us get distracted working on things that don’t actually move the needle.

The key is to consistently work on the needle movers and outsource, delegate, automate, or delete everything else.

What about consistency in your words and promises?

So many people talk a big game only to change directions or quit because of overwhelm or fear or other people’s opinions.

How about keeping your promises…especially the ones you make to yourself?!

Also your network and your relationships play a major role in your success.

Hanging around the “right” people can make or break your outcomes.

If your friends are talking about starting businesses, investing in real estate and crypto and stocks, and building empires…then you’re in the right place with the right people.  If your If your friends are partying and watching football and day drinking…and giving your grief for not joining them (unless they are really rich)…you’re being influenced by the wrong people.

I’ve hustled and bought my way into many high level groups.

I’ve paid for mentorships and consultants and masterminds because I knew that proximity is power and the “good ole boys” club is a real thing…one that I wasn’t a part of but needed to break into.

Don’t be scared to cut a check (even a big one that’s out of your comfort zone) to get proximity to the right people!  This one move can catapult you to the next level and produce massive ROI on your investment.

Why would I want to wing it…or take years figuring everything out when I can cut the line and go way faster having someone that’s been there and done that just tell me exactly what to do?

This is the smartest way to get rich quickly.

And the last part of the success formula is applied knowledge.  This is where POWER comes from.  Increasing your skills and capabilities only happens through research, learning, trial and error, and mentorship.  Never stop learning and never stop taking massive action.

Will it be scary…YUP.

Will you mess up and look stupid…YUP.

Will you feel uncomfortable…YUP again.

Will it be worth it….HELL YUP!

So if you’re reading this hoping that there’s some secret success hack out there, I hate to be the one to break it to you…but it doesn’t exist.

The good news is when you stack hard work with consistency with knowledge with a killer network magic does happen as time goes on.

Hope this little pep talk gives you the motivation to keep going and to continue to dream big…it will happen for you as long as you never quit on your dreams!

From The Training Vault:

Knowing how to call & speak to motivated sellers is the #1 most important skill for making a pile of CA$H in real estate.

I know how scary it can be to stare at that phone. Before I met my mentor Lyle I spent hours having staring contests with my phone…and losing!

Give me your best scripts for free NOW, Cody!

One day Lyle asked how my calls were going and I lied through my teeth…I stammered something about how they were going “ok” and Lyle immediately called me out.

Then he asked me to do something CRAZY…

He asked me to go to a graveyard at midnight and call him…I was FREAKING out…But I did what he said and spent an hour in a graveyard at midnight going over the phone scripts he gave me…

After that picking up the phone wasn’t scary EVER again… And I was able to take the scripts Lyle gave me and build upon them until I had MASTERED talking to motivated sellers.

And now I want to give YOU those EXACT same scripts that I’ve used to make millions of dollars for FREE…

All you have to do is go here to claim them.

Get the scripts, make the calls, get PAID!

Recommended Reading:

Peter Voogd

7 Rules To 7 Figures

The entrepreneurs playbook to freedom, family, and fortune.

This week’s book recommendation comes from a good friend of mine who just released his first book 7 Rules to 7 Figures.  In this book, Peter Voogd lays out the keys to a truly world-class life, one in which you CAN have your cake and eat it too — wealth, family, and the freedom to enjoy it all without sacrificing your personal values.

Love this book and highly recommend it!

Students Success Story:

I’m Mila Schwartz from Iowa. I’ve been with Cody and Cole since about December. And I just did my second closing. And what the check – just over 24,000! I can’t think Cody and Cole enough for everything they’ve done to help me move along in this journey. It can be done. I have two other closings next week on some properties and then one of them is already sold out.

It just takes some time and perseverance and commitment that everyone can do it. Thank you.

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