The Equity Growth Stat You Need To Know!

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From The Desk Of Cody Sperber

Hey Clever Investor, 

Welcome back to another fun and learning filled Clever Investor Newsletter!

Hopefully you’re getting back into that Monday groove, making calls, sending out contracts and of course CLOSING DEAL$$$$

Today I want to share a VERY interesting statistic with you that I found over the weekend as I was doing some research. 

Do you know how much the AVERAGE homeowner has gained in equity over the last 12 months? 



What if I told you that the average US homeowner gained a whopping $33,400 in equity since September of 2020.

During a pandemic… 

With tons of protests doing damage to property… 

$33,400 is nothing to sneeze at in a year, but it actually gets even better!

The average equity on mortgaged homes grew to over $217,000!!!! 

Which means it’s a great time to be a homeowner or investor.

And there are going to be some great opportunities to cash BIG checks coming your way VERY soon…

Think about how much a check for $33,400 would change your life and we’ll talk very soon… 

From The Training Vault: 

Here at Clever Investor, we have students in ALL 50 states!

Which means that there are 50 different sets of laws, rules and regulations for making and closing deals. 

As always this is NOT legal advice, consult your local lawyers, all that fun fine print…

But my State by State Closing Guide will get you on the right track and help you understand things like closing laws, title entities, ownership transfers and much more.

Download it here for free!

Recommended Reading: 

This week’s recommended reading is “Conflicted: How Disagreements Lead To Better Outcomes” by Ian Leslie. 

A lifelong conflict avoider, The New Statesman’s Ian Leslie set about on a personal mission to get better at dealing with conflict and confrontation in an increasingly polarized and hostile world. 

While most people view conflict and confrontation as negative things to be avoided at all cost, Leslie has spoken with experts on conflict resolution who are highly skilled at getting the most out of highly charged encounters: interrogators, cops, divorce mediators, therapists, diplomats, psychologists. Through these conversations often with life or death outcomes hanging in the balance, Leslie learned how to transform the way we think about conflict and why having more disagreements can actually lead to more life harmony. 

This book will redefine how you think about and experience conflict, disagreements and interpersonal tension both professionally and personally.

I highly recommend picking up “Conflicted: How Disagreements Lead To Better Outcomes” by Ian Leslie anywhere fine books are sold. 

Student Success Story:

Today’s Student Success Story comes to us from Paul Brookshire.

Paul wrote: 

“ Today is another good day! Cashing another check. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Do the mailouts, make the calls, do the followups and stay consistent. Pillar2B Investments. Helping good people out of bad situations. 

That’s gonna wrap it up for this week! 

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