The Chief Economist at The National Association of Realtors Said What???

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Hey Clever Investor! 

I was doing some reading of real estate sites blogs over the weekend. 

As one does…

You know other people are out at their kids games or watching college football but NOT ole Sperber.

Nope I was going through some of my more obscure real estate blogs on Saturday so I can bring you the very best content when I saw something VERY interesting on a blog called “The Escape Home” 

The “Escape Home” guys sat down with the Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors, a very smart guy named Lawrence Yun. 

And they asked Mr Yun what he thought was next for the real estate market.

I recommend tracking down the whole interview as he had some really interesting thoughts but…

Here’s the best snippet, reposted from Escape Home. 

While Mr Yun thought that in general the housing market was going to cool down, he thinks that vacation homes – think lake, mountain or beach cities near major cities, are going to continue to rise. 

So what does that mean for you, the Clever Investor?

It means it’s time to start looking at vacation towns near your city as there could be some VERY tasty returns waiting for you there.  

In fact I’m going to give you some homework!

First figure out what the nearest vacation town to your city is that you can do some driving for dollars in. 

Then actually drive out there and do the work. 

The writing is on the wall friend…the market is going to cool down! And while returns will be steady they’re not going to be as spectacular as they were the last year or so unless you get creative. 

I’ll leave you with a thought from former multiple time US investing champion Mark Minervini that is about stocks but which I think REALLY applies to real estate as well. 

Don’t be an amateur and think the real estate market will go up forever… 

Talk soon! 

From The Training Vault: 

It’s time to open up the vault and give you some FREE training! 

* Vault creaking open noise

This week I want to help you with a very common problem new real estate investors run into.

“What do you say when you call a motivated seller?”

You found the property, got the contact info but now you need to actually dial the phone and have something to say.

That’s where my Motivated Seller Scripts come in! 

I put together a proven script that me, and my team have used literally THOUSANDS of times. 

Download the script.

Make the calls.

Close the deal.

Recommended Reading: 

This week’s recommended reading is 

“Richer, Wiser, Happier: How The World’s Greatest Investors Win in Markets and Life ” by William Green.  

A sort of modern day “Think and Grow Rich,” in “Richer, Wiser, Happier” former Fortune writer William Green draws on interviews he’s conducted over the last 25 years with people like John Templeton, Charlie Munger, Jack Bogle, and more to determine how these investors win in the markets and in life.

Some of the powerful insights from this book include that master investors are remarkably intuitive about trends, practice fanatical discipline, and have developed a high tolerance for pain.

In addition to “Think and Grow Rich,” this book reminds me a lot of what used to be Silicon Valley’s FAVORITE book, William Thorndike’s “The Outsiders.”  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if “Richer, Wiser, Happier” becomes one of the go-to books for startups in the next few years. 

I also HIGHLY recommend spending some time with the “Notes on Sources and Additional Resources” section at the back of the book. There were some AMAZING books and other resources on there that Green has personally curated from 25 years in the investing world, including quite a few I’d never heard of before that I am SUPER excited to read now. 

Pick up “Richer, Wiser, Happier: How The World’s Greatest Investors Win in Markets and Life ” by William Green wherever fine books are sold. 

Student Success Story: 

Today’s student success story is AWESOME!! It comes in Forest Grove Oregon where one of our students helped 3 NEW wholesalers get their first deals and profited handsomely in the process. 

I think you’ll really enjoy and LEARN from this awesome win-win-win deal! 

Everyone Wins Real Estate – Success Story #2 – Forest Grove, Oregon

I loved this one! These three gentleman, Erik Robert King, Andrew Varela, and Charlie Glanville, worked their butt off to get their first wholesale deal.

They made first contact with me in the middle of May after watching a Wholesale training and they were hungry to get started!

Step 1: We met over zoom and talked about:

Why they wanted to wholesale, and then, when they wanted to get their first deal?

Step 2: I met all three of them in Forest Grove to Drive for Dollars and we spent a whole day adding properties to our list using Deal Machine (Driving for Dollars App)

Step 3: We Skip Traced the lists that we found while driving for Dollars using

Step 4: We practiced cold calling that specific list from Forest Grove through Driving for Dollars via zoom. We used for our automatic dialer and they were able to listen in the first few hours to learn some cold calling techniques.

Step 5: All three of them practiced cold calling, text blasting, emailing, sending some direct mail, and door knocking.

Step 6: We now have about 5-10 solid warm/hot leads that are all in the pipeline ready for the next deal!


a) The sellers were able to sell in the time frame they wanted to dump their cash into another property via 1031 exchange and they got the cash AND new investment property they wanted.

b) The new wholesalers: Andrew Varela, Erik Robert King, and Charlie Glanville were able to get their first deal and cash $13,500 in their pockets for their up and coming Wholesale Business. They are leaving to Arizona in a few weeks so they now have proof of concept before they step into the Big Arizona Wholesale Market! THEY CLOSED THEIR FIRST DEAL IN 40 DAYS!

c) I was able to close deal #6 this year with them with 2 more in contract right now. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed working with these young studs!

d) The end buyers are going to flip this house and make a good profit in this hot sellers market!

e) The tenants were able to stay in place with new solid owners who are going to take good care of them.

For all of you in this community, I started with Clever in October of 2019. It was definitely difficult at first, only 1 deal the first 6 months, but just stick with it! Work hard, treat people well, and always believe in yourself. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK and get creative. Not every deal is the same!

I am now done with deal 17 and have helped several new wholesalers get their first deal! YOU CAN DO THIS

That’s gonna wrap up this week’s newsletter! 

Have a great week.


Hot Deal Of The Week! 

Because you’ve been asking, we’re going to start sharing one of the best deals we have under contract with you every week in the Clever Newsletter. 

Here’s our first SMOKING hot deal in AZ: 

Get the details here! 

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