Are you tired or lazy?

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From the desk of Cody Sperber:

Let me ask you a question…

What do most people do during the last few months of the year?

Do they ramp up their enthusiasm?

Do they put in the extra work necessary to blow past their yearly goals?

Do they eat healthy, exercise often, drink lots of water & avoid sugar & alcohol?


Most people (maybe even including you) take their foot off the gas and say things like…

I deserve a break.

I’ll go on a diet starting in January.

It’s so dark outside…I’ll sleep in a little longer…it’s so warm and cozy in my bed.

And it’s in these moments, when it’s 4th quarter, and you’re tired, and you’re distracted, and you’re beat up that seperates the men from the boys.  The winners from the losers.  The haves and the have nots.

Listen to me real quick, IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL:

You’re going to be tired.

You’re going to be pushed around.

You’re going to be doubted.

You’re going to be distracted.

You’re going to be hated on.

You’re going to be discounted.

You’re going to be made fun of.

You’re going to screw up.

You’re going to fail and look stupid.

You’re going to want to quit or play small.

You’re going to lose some friendships.

You’re going to piss people off.

You’re going to change directions.

You’re going to lose some money.

You’re going to go through every effing emotion under the sun.

The reality…is you’re going to have to sacrifice (A LOT) to accomplish BIG things.

This isn’t my opinion…IT’S A FACT.  IT’S A GUARANTEE!

These sacrifices are what I call “success credits”.

Without them your butt got lucky.

Without them your butt got everything handed to you from mommy or daddy.

Without them you are weak and in my opinion…worthless as a businessman or woman.

This is not the time to slow down.  This is the time to step the eff up and show yourself, your family, and your community what you are made of!

Stop the whining and excuse making and complaining and instead lean into the journey.

It’s in these moments you become strong.  It’s in these moments you become valuable.  And it’s in these moments you step into a version of yourself you always knew you could be.

Remember this…

We are all tired.  We are all scared.  We are all unsure of ourselves.


So let’s push as hard as we can for the last few weeks of the year and end on a high note.




But guess what, it will all be worth it!

The world needs leaders right now.  We are depending on you to set a standard that the rest of us can follow.

Are you up for the challenge?  If so just reply to this email and give me a HELL YEAH, I’M UP FOR THE CHALLENGE.

Commit right now that you will continue to do whatever-it-takes to win the game.

You do this and I will do everything in my power to help you along the way!

Your motivational mentor,

Cody Sperber

P.S. Did you see my insane Cyber Monday sale?  I’ve never released this much training and software for such a discounted price in all of Clever Investor’s history.

From The Training Vault:

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Here’s something awesome that’s…

>>T O T A L L Y  F R E E<<

from me to you!

Recommended Reading:

Rise and Grind—Daymond John

This book was written by famous businessman Daymond John (founder of FUBU and panel of SharkTank) and goes in depth about spending the only resource you can never get back in the best way possible.




After all, we all get the same twenty-four hours a day, whether we have a million dollars in the bank or a hundred.

This book is about how to put those hours to work for you, how to use them to outperform, outwork, and outhustle your way to the top.

Inside, Daymond interviews more than a dozen business creators, celebrities, and media personalities, all of whom recall the foundational experiences that led them to achieve their goals.

If you know your life was meant for more, learn important lessons from those who have created what you want to create.

Students Success Story:

I don’t even know where to begin. This company is life-changing. I got married last year and my wife and I both lost our jobs within a week after. Numerous times we felt lost and searching. Thats where Clever comes in! I had watched Cody’s videos for awhile in the years leading up to this but never had it in me to START! **** provides you with MORE THAN ENOUGH to become successful. Now it’s up to you! I finally woke up and decided that nothing was gonna stop me. I joined the Clever  Investor and Wealth Factory. To this day those groups are the best investment I have ever made. I started my business in February and within 14 days had my first deal for $14,500! LIFE CHANGING! All because my killer mentor and the entire Clever Team, [they] had my back and wanted to see me succeed! I’ve now been full time investing and following Cody’s training for about 6 months. To this day we have brought in over $30k in wholesale fees, about to finish a property, creatively getting ourselves into AirBnb, and got a duplex we are using as student housing!! That all being said, it’s all out there you just gotta go and grab it! Cody has built the ULTIMATE investor start up system and its worth 30x more than he charges. All his material is designed to build the best investor out of you! They care about your family and your success! Join the Clever Team today and DON’T LOOK BACK! See you at the top! – Chris O.

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