Are you a fear killer?

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From the desk of Cody Sperber:

The Truth … Is Not Enough

Every single successful person I know is quite literally addicted to learning.  They are all compulsive learners. Total fact addicts.

They binge on books, courses and seminars.

They purge piles of cash.

Just kidding. Kind of. There’s a step in between the binge and the … let’s call it The Positive Purge.

They take action.

“Thank you Captain Obvious!”

You’re welcome. But here’s the twist worth the time:

They’re normally only able to take action with mentors. Or coaches. Someone who’s already been down the road they’re trying to not die on (and therefore going absolutely nowhere).

Coaches and mentors are fear killers.

That’s 90% of the battle won right there. If you’re the new kid on the real estate block? Fear is the wall in between you and your first deal. If you’re the rich guy on real estate road in your own mind only? But can’t seem to progress past where you’re at, which is not rich really (you’ll see why soon)? Fear is the invisible ceiling keeping you down on the level you’re at. You don’t even know you’re scared. That’s a scary place to be.

Some people like to party. My friends who are successful like to learn and ACT – powered by PROS.

Learning is nothing more than prep work for apprenticeship. That’s all it is. You wanna be a pro? 3 steps:

1. Buy all my stuff and learn.
2. Find a pro. (I’ll do it if you can’t find anyone else. Whatever)
3. Play Simon Says. He’s Simon. You’re Action Taker SAYZ ← your new real estate stage name. like it? 

Quick pop-quiz.   Don’t worry; this will not count against your overall score in my system.

Official Pop-Quiz

1)  What do you like doing the most?  What would make you the happiest?

  a.  watch tv

  b.  rent a movie

  c.  fight with my wife

  d.  do something worthy of getting a guest appearance on Jerry Springer

  e.  read or listen to an educational book or program in order to expand your soul, Be fit For A    PRO and stay off the Springer SHOW (and out of jail).

That was it.  It was a one question quiz.  You either ace it or fail it.

That actually did go against your score btw.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t want to scare you right up front with it is all.

You circled “d”, didn’t you ya big dummy?  And you actually used a permanent marker on the computer screen.  I knew it.  I’m wasting my time with you.

You got a frowny face on that quiz.  Sorry.  Show your mother when you get home.

                                                                 You Did Bad!

Honestly though – what would you rather do with your spare time?  Relax?  Or Learn and money print with pros who knows (better)?

Successful people HATE relaxing.  Relaxing is for cats.  And for Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  Not for warrior champion world-beaters such as yourself.

Ya dig?

Get off yer ass and LEARN something and then DO something! It’s the only way!

I see the same people at every single bootcamp and seminar that I go to.  I wonder why.  They always seem to have a LOT of money.  So that’s pretty weird.  That may be a clue. 


“There is an analogy that relates learning to a table. The methods of learning are the legs, and the more legs you have the sturdier the table. Seminars are one of the legs. They give you a chance to learn from top of the line instructors. Besides learning something new, you get to see things from a different perspective because each instructor has a particular forte or approach. You may learn a refinement or another way to utilize one of your tools. Seminars can also be motivational, because you get to see someone perform at such a high level that it gives you something to aspire to.”

 – Derek Weismandel, famous martial arts instructor in NYC


You should get one of those by the way.  A clue that is.  They’re awesome.  Get one.  Heck, get a bunch.  Get a whole cluster of clues and start making some CHEDDAR, homey. 

Clues = Cheddar

Now THAT is an equation that should be posted right next to E=MC2 in the chart of All Time Best Equations.  Or whatever that one thing is that Edison or Einstein did that one time. 

I think I spent somewhere around $25,000 on my education this year.  I probably went to at least ten seminars, masterminds, and bootcamps.  I wonder if all that will pay off for me next year.  My goal is to quadruple my income.  Betcha I do it.

What’s YOUR goal for next year? 

How do you expect to achieve it? 

You won’t do it at the same mental level you are at currently.  And you won’t advance your mental level without doing two things –

 – surrounding yourself with “next level” type people

 – educating yourself
– find a PRO and GO

“The only difference between who you are today and the person you will be in five years will come from the books you read and the people you associate with”

 – Charles “Tremendous” Jones

You MUST develop your appetite for learning.  There is no success without it.  And if you DO happen to get rich without it then you’ll just be a rich idiot and no one will want to hang out with you (still).

Turn off the tube.  Pick up a book.

Or stay broke.  The choice is yours.  But just know that you being broke is annoying people.  Especially me.  Stop it.

Make it happen.

From The Training Vault:

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Recommended Reading:

Eat That Frog—Brian Tracey

One of my favorite books of all time is “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracey. Most of what he speaks to is fairly common now in a world of “gurus” rehashing what the previous generation said, but it’s still just as true today as it was then.

Inside you learn 21 specific and actionable things you can do right now to end procrastination and get more done in less time.

  1. Set the Table
  2. Plan Each Day in Advance
  3. Apply the 80/20 Rule to Everything
  4. Consider the Consequences
  5. Apply Creative Procrastination
  6. Use the ABCDE Method
  7. Focus On Key Result Areas
  8. Apply The Law Of Three
  9. Prepare Thoroughly Before You Begin
  10. Take It One Step at a Time
  11. Upgrade Your Key Skills
  12. Leverage Your Special Talents
  13. Identify Your Key Constraints
  14. Apply Pressure On Yourself
  15. Maximize Your Personal Powers
  16. Motivate Yourself Into Action
  17. Stop Technological Time Drain
  18. Slice And Dice The Task
  19. Create Large Chunks Of Time
  20. Develop A Sense Of Urgency
  21. Single-Handle Every Task

My favorites are probably 3, 12, 15 and 20. They’ve ALL served me very well, and I bet you’d get just as much out of them too.

Students Success Story:

It all started back in 2019. REI just fell into my lap! I came across a webinar with Dean Graziosi and Toni Robbins. They were advertising for a seminar in Austin. So I went, it wasn’t them, and it was a guy who was a total fake. I wasted $1000, but I fought for a refund and I got it. That was a waste of time, but the tidbits of info that I got, had me hooked! So, I found Cody on YouTube and started watching. When I sum it all up, I learn easily from him because he has great energy about him. I first got my LLC in December 2019, then Covid hit, then I went through a small phase that I needed a recovery period. Slowly but surely, I started coming back into learning and that’s where I am now. Spending the time I have learning and practicing. Real Estate is 100% foreign to me because I come from a hairstylist career that I have done off and on for 15 years. It was either a salon or stay at home mom. I finally decided to bury that career and be done with it once and for all. My husband is a contractor and it’s been my dream for us to work together. With God’s perfect timing, he delivered this opportunity directly to me as I was open to receive. My dream is for us to be fix & flippers but I keep having the idea that I should start with assignments/wholesaling. I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the funding with bad credit and zero business revenue. I just can’t comment on Cody enough from his positive energy to the inspiration I get from him in the Real Estate industry. I feel so strongly about this and no matter who has the slightest doubt in me, I’m coming up into a new version of me that I’ve always dreamed of providing for my family of 4. I have always been the biggest dreamer I’ve ever known!! HOPES are where PLANS are created. Some people come into this industry with arrogance and selfishness.  I am the COMPLETE opposite.  Those are the type of people I have to really keep an eye out for so I can avoid them at all costs. I learn from others well and I love learning, I can copy people like the sharpest skill, I am naturally bossy and am happiest being my own boss, I have a heart of steel and I love talking to people! All the things that make this opportunity even bigger for me. I am also so very very grateful to have Carl Summers, a Clever customer relations agent, to be there along the way for me! When I would call him on a super rare occasion and ask a stupid question, he helped me out tremendously! Even after I started to feel so overwhelmed and frustrated, he was there to help! The whole Clever community are all rockstars, and it is such an honor to be a tiny star amongst these amazing Ninjas! My heart is SOOO full to have discovered Clever Investor! ~Maria B.

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