The Marketing Strategy Everyone Should be Doing

I get asked all the time, “How do I find motivated sellers” or “What’s the best way to market”. And my answer is always a number of different strategies, but there is one in particular that I believe every real estate investor should be doing on a daily basis…and that’s getting on the phone and calling!

There isn’t another strategy that I have come across that allows an investor to contact as many potential sellers in the shortest amount of time with the smallest amount of money as calling. It’s as simple as pulling a list of absentee owners/tax delinquent/pre-foreclosures/etc. from a list service, scrubbing the list with a phone number matching service, and throwing this data into an automatic dialer.

I say all the time that this business is a numbers game and if you can increase the number of people you reach, the default is that you have to get in contact with a motivated seller at some point, it’s nearly impossible not to. From my experience if you use a 3 line dialer (meaning you’re calling 3 people at the same time) and you have an average number of answered phone calls, then you should be able to call roughly 200 numbers an hour. Now if you do this only 10 hours a week, that will mean you have called 2,000 in a week, 8,000 a month, and 64,000 in a year! Isn’t that incredible! There is no other way to market and reach that many people for the same time and monetary cost as calling.

So go now…pull a list, scrub it for phone numbers, get an automatic dialer and find those deals!

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