How Real Estate Investors Are Following Up With Leads Using SlyDial

Following Up With Motivated Seller Leads Will Get You More Deals!

So you spent a ton of time (and possibly money) to generate a bunch of motivated seller leads. Unfortunately some of your leads where either not motivated enough, or you just suck at creating and positioning your offers (don’t worry I will help you with this in a latter blog post). At least at the end-of-the-day you have a list of potential sellers and all their contact information. Now you just need to create a follow-up campaign that keeps you in front of the sellers until something in their lives motivates them into taking action!


Basically what Slydial does is allow you to leave a voicemail on someones cell phone without their phone ringing. So whenever a motivated seller calls me I collect their information. If we cannot reach a deal I add them to a simple follow up campaign that consists of a couple of emails, a couple of text messages, and a couple of “direct-2-voicemail” messages (courtesy of Slydial). Using “direct-to-voicemail” technology allows me to be more efficient with my time and only talk to people that take action on my voicemail message.

So How Does Slydial Work For Real Estate Investors?

Step #1 - You call 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) from any landline or mobile phone.

Step #2 - At the voice prompt enter the U.S. mobile phone number you want to SlyDial.

Step #3 - You will be connected to their voicemail where you can leave a message.

So now you don’t have to waste any time talking to someone that does not want to talk to you. If they like what you have to say in your voice message... then they will call you back!

Here are some other creative ways real estate investors can use SLYDIAL:

  1. Calling non-paying tenants (or responding to a problem at your rental property and don’t want to hear your tenant ranting).
  2. Yelling at your contractor (but since he is bigger than you and has a hammer... you don’t want to get into a confrontation).
  3. Telling your business partner that they are stupid (hey... most business partners are really really dumb... fo reals).
  4. Letting your CA$H buyers list know that you have a new wholesale property (if you don’t mind manually dialing each one).
  5. Giving your intern directions on how to get to a property so he can place a lockbox on it (Josiah... I said turn right at the 7 eleven. Seriously I don’t even know why I pay you... wait... I don’t pay you... well then... you keep this up and I won’t allow you to work for me for free and do all the stuff I don’t want to do :-)).

So enough shenanigans...go forth and SLYDIAL all your friends, family members, motivated sellers, and non-paying tenants.

Your friend in the biz,

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