Calling Sellers from Craigslist

From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailman…

When making Craigslist calls as a part of your stage 2 assignment, you will ultimately be targeting “For Sale by Owner” or “Mom & Pop” type sellers and landlords.

The reason for this is that we want to have conversations directly with the seller of the property to determine if there are any uncomfortable circumstances surrounding the ownership of the property.

If you try to have those conversations with a Realtor, they will usually try to insulate you from any personal information - good or bad - that may be going on in the seller’s life.

The reason you need to uncover the uncomfortable circumstances is that the seller will appreciate you helping them solve their problem and likely go to contract with you for helping them find a solution to their situation.

There are, however, phone calls you make to Craigslist where you will reach a Realtor or an investor. When you reach a Realtor, ask them if they have any pending contracts that may not be closing. This works especially well if the pending contract is with a bank or an REO property.

Tell the Realtor you are a cash buyer and that you can step into the contract and close the deal if the price works for you.

The Right Way When Dealing with Investors

When you reach an investor, ask them for their contact information and tell them you are a cash buyer in the same space. Offer to put them on your cash buyer’s list so you can blast them out wholesale properties that you get under contract. If you also have a buyer’s list built up, ask the investor if you can co-wholesale the property they have under contract by offering it to your list.

When offering to co-wholesale like this, it’s best to ask the investor if you can keep the price the same, and have the investor pay you a piece of their profit instead of adding to the top.

The reason why is that many end buyers subscribe to the same wholesaler’s list and you don't want to get a reputation of passing around others properties at a higher price. Otherwise, you will have people who joined your list constantly opting out, because they can buy the same house off another investors list for less money.

Stick to these tips and you will make every Craigslist call a productive one!

Enjoy the Journey,

- Tom

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