7 Clever Strategies for Generating Leads, Part 2

Hey there, real estate investing lovers!

You’ve tuned in on a great day as we’ll be embarking on Part 2 of an awesome series about tips and tricks for bringing in great leads.

If you missed Part 1, which covered Bandit Signs, Bumper Stickers and Referral Networks, go check it out now! Then head back over here for these remaining 4 super smart tactics.

We’ve got so much good stuff to talk about, so I wanna jump right in with strategy #4…

#4. Squeeze Pages

Strange name, right? It won’t be once you understand what they are… and what they are is great!

Squeeze pages are simple, one, two or three page websites that squeeze relevant information from the reader including their name, email address and phone number.

How are readers so willing to give up such valuable info, you ask? Incentive people! Readers are enticed to provide their information in exchange for a free gift. And who doesn’t like gifts?

Don’t panic, we’re not talking anything extravagant. To build a wholesale Buyer’s List, for example, you could give away a free eBook or a video series that trains people on buying discounted real estate in your local market. Or the giveaway can even be as simple as a short video that explains how you get properties, and if they want to be on your VIP Buyer’s List, they need to fill out the form giving you their name, email address and phone number.

After you build a squeeze page, simply sign up and start a Google-pay-per-click campaign using targeted search terms you think other local buyers will search for on Google.

Another cool bonus that comes along with squeeze pages…

Most professional marketers use an email marketing program, such as iContact.com or AWeber.com, which automatically sorts and auto responds to new subscribers of your squeeze pages. This helps automate the process and allows you to easily send out mass emails to all of your contacts.

The price can’t be beat with a monthly cost as low as $20; it’s a very good investment. I'm a huge fan of squeeze pages and I've made a lot of money from the buyers my squeeze pages have generated.

#5. LinkedIn

Want to know how I added more than 1500 potential buyers to my Buyer’s List in less than 2 weeks? Believe it or not, I use LinkedIn.com (yes, the social networking website) to blow up my Buyer’s List – in a good way, of course.

Networking online is NOT a huge waste of your time, like some may think. In fact, the site is so advantageous that I like to think of it as my LinkedIn Lead Machine!

**An important disclaimer first - I am not a proponent of spamming people, so make sure you get permission from the person before you send them an advertisement or an email.

Here’s a step-by-step of how to make this site work for you:

  • Create an account on LinkedIn, if you don't already have one.
  • Complete 100% of your profile.
  • Import your current email contacts.
  • Begin joining groups and interacting with other real estate professionals on the site.

Make as many connections as you can because what I'm about to share with you is absolutely one of the best ways to generate leads online

LinkedIn has a really cool feature that allows you to export all of the contact information of any connection that you have on the site including their name, email address and their company’s name. Think about that for a second…

Every time I establish a new connection, that's one more potential buyer going onto my Buyer’s List. And best of all, LinkedIn has made it super easy to get the valuable contact info we need.

Simply click on the Contacts tab and select ‘Export Connections.’ I always save the exported file to my PC’s desktop so I can find it quickly and open it in an Excel-style spreadsheet to see all the downloaded information. There’s an extra step for exporting on Mac’s, which I walk you through in this video lesson.

So now that we have this terrific information, what’s the best way to use it?

I personally use iContact.com for my email marketing, but when you first begin building your list, I’d suggest using a free email provider such as Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook. Any one of those providers will work just fine until you reach more than a couple hundred emails in your database. Then, you’ll want to upgrade to a professional email marketing program.

When you’re using a free provider, make sure that you BCC your email contacts, that way you're not sending out your entire email list to the whole world. (Yikes!)

And my final note about this awesome strategy - make sure you double opt in your contacts, so they know you plan on sending them future investment opportunities via email. That way, they don't feel like they're getting spammed and it allows recipients the right to choose whether they want to continue to receive future messages from you or not.

#6. Google Surfing

Google surfing is an oldie, but goodie. This strategy basically involves searching on the net for local real estate investors that have ‘We Buy Houses’ websites.

Find their contact information, and either call or email them asking if it's okay for you to send them discounted deals you have access to. Assure them that you will only be sending them deals you are directly in control over and won’t be wasting their time. This means you’re not just re-wholesaling somebody else's deal, but you have a contract in place on the subject property for which you are the final decision makers on.

#7. Tax Records Reverse Search

We’ve come to our final strategy tip. This cool technique can be done two different ways.

I’ll break down the first way step-by-step:

  • Ask your real estate agent to search through the MLS (Multiple Listing System) for recently sold properties that sold for cash.
  • Create a list of those addresses and then look them up on the county tax recorder's website.
  • Find the mailing address for the buyer and send them a letter that says you see that they recently purchased a property in the same neighborhood that you have homes in and you’re selling them at huge discounts.

The goal of this method is to either get them to call you or go to your website to sign up to be added for your VIP Buyer’s List.

The second way to use this technique is by going to your local Section 8 Office to uncover cash buyers. Section 8 is a low income housing solution that helps place tenants into rental properties for which the state subsidizes the rent on behalf of the low income tenant.

Head down to the Section 8 office and tell the office staff that you are thinking about putting your property into the Section 8 rental pool. While there, you’ll also want to learn more about the safety features that you must pass in order for your property to qualify for the program.

Tell the staff you want to drive by some of the Section 8 rental competition to see the location and quality of the other rentals. Most of the time, the staff will print out a list of all the Section 8 properties in the area. That list is gold because you can now use it to do the reverse tax record lookup for the mailing address… and once again, send each owner a letter or postcard explaining that you have deeply discounted properties to share with them and you want to send them some information.

Lead Machine

There you have it. I hope you implement these 7 creative strategies to generate leads in your own real estate investing business. Remember, it takes time to build a solid lead machine, so don’t worry, focus instead on the fact that there are many simple things that you can do for very little money (and time) that produce huge results.

Keep in mind that generating leads of motivated sellers, eager buyers and loaded investors is the only thing between you and your next million dollars.

I want you to use these 7 strategies and take action today to start building your confidence and growing your business.

Keep On Rockin,

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