Top 7 Questions When Learning How To Wholesale Real Estate

When I was a little kid I wanted to be a rockstar! I loved the fact that they get to do what they want...when they want. They get to live their dreams while getting rich at the same time. I only had one major problem... I can't sing or play any instruments (except the cowbell).

That's why I went into real estate. You see, real estate (and all the easy money I make from it) allows me to live the rockstar lifestyle without having to deal with all the annoying groupies. ;-) I must admit... it feels pretty damn good being able to take lavish vacations, eat at the finest restaurants, buy whatever toys I want. You have to experience it for yourself to really appreciate it!

Well my's time for you to become a real estate rockstar. In todays little blog post I am going to cover the top 7 questions I typically hear when it comes to learning how to wholesale real estate. Wholesaling is the fastest way to make A LOT of money in real estate without having to take on any risk or borrow any money from a bank.

QUESTION #1: What Does Wholesaling Real Estate Mean?

ANSWER: When talking about how to wholesale real estate, we are really talking about controlling/owning an asset at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT then re-selling it for a modest profit to either an investor or end-user. The key is having "equitable rights" in a property. This means that you have the right to market and sell a piece of real estate. You gain "equitable rights" by placing a property under contract using an option agreement, or a purchase and sale agreement. Check out this blog post where I teach how to wholesale real estate step by step.

QUESTION #2: How Does A Real Estate Wholesaler Make Money?

ANSWER: Once a property is under contract by way of an Option Agreement or a Purchase and Sale Agreement the Wholesaler markets the property to their buyers list, online, and at networking events. When they find an interested buyer they can simply "Assign" their rights over to the new buyer or complete a "Double Close" also known as a "Simultaneous Closing".

QUESTION #3: Can You Explain What It Means To "Assign" Or "Double Close"?

ANSWER: When learning how to wholesale real estate, there are essentially two ways to get paid. The first is by assignment, and the second is through a "double closing".

In short, if you are making less than $5,000 then you will want to "assign", because it is cheaper to flip this way. In an assignment you are simply "assigning" your right to buy that property to another investor that is willing to pay you an "assignment fee" to step into your shoes.

With a double closing, you are essentially buying a property from a motivated seller (bank, or an individual) for a significant discount from retail. Let's call this the A-B transaction and the contract is between you and the seller.

Once you have the property under contract and open your A-B escrow, you begin marketing the property for sale at a higher price to find a cash buyer. When you find one, you again place the property under contract for sale at a discount from retail and open escrow. Let's call this the B-C transaction and the contract is between you and your end cash buyer.

The difference between "significant discount" and "discount" is your spread (and profit) you will make as a wholesaler.

When your closing agent goes to close the transactions, they will use the end cash buyers money sitting in the B-C escrow to "flow" over to the A-B escrow and close out the sale between you and the motivated seller.

Once closed and recorded, there will be remaining funds sitting in the B-C escrow which will get closed, recorded and distributed to you.

The upside to doing a "double escrow" is the fact that you can make a lot of money and no one in the transaction will see how much you made until the deal is over.

The downside is that you are essentially doing two escrows so you will have two sets of closing costs which eats into your profits.

QUESTION #4: As A Real Estate Wholesaler / Investor, Can I Use The "Standard" Association Of REALTORS Residential Purchase Contract When Wholesaling real estate?

ANSWER: YES, in most cases you can as long as you add a few clauses to protect you as the Wholesaler. You can pick up the contract at the office of your local Association of REALTORS in your town. Typically they only sell hard copies (not electronic) so you may have to have someone re-create the document for you. When learning how to wholesale real estate it is always a good idea to have both a custom "investor" set of contracts as well as the Standard Association Of Realtor contracts.

QUESTION #5: Are There Any Advantages To Using The Standard REALTOR Contracts Over A Custom One My Attorney Created Or The One I Got At A Seminar?

ANSWER: The more "standard" you can make your deal seem... the better. You never want the buyer or seller to think you have an "unfair advantage" over them. This is especially true if you are dealing with a real estate agent that is representing a certain party. As long as you add some clauses that protect you in the deal then you should be o.k. using standard forms.

QUESTION #6: But Cody...Do You Use The Standard REALTOR Contracts?

ANSWER: Sometimes I do. Especially if I am making an offer on a Bank Owned Home (REO) or one listed on the Multiple Listing System (MLS). If I am dealing directly with a Motivated Seller then it depends on the deal itself.

If the homeowner is in Foreclosure then I use a custom contract that CLEARLY favors me as the buyer and when I assign this contract to my end investor they typically appreciate the protection! As far as selling real estate that I already own (meaning that I actually closed on the transaction myself) then I typically use the standard REALTOR contracts with all my special clauses that I add.

QUESTION #7: What Clauses Do You Recommend I Add To The Standard Association Of REALTOR Contract?

ANSWER: I highly recommend creating different clauses when buying than when selling!

When buying you want clauses that 1) Protect your earnest money. These are escape clauses such as inspection clauses that allow you to back out of the deal for any reason during your inspection period. 2) Disclose that you are in investor and intend on making a profit. Be very clear you are not lending the person any money, or representing them in any way (especially if the seller is in foreclosure). 3) Give you the right to show the property at your discretion and without much notice. 4) Allows you to extend out the closing if need be without penalty. While this last one can be hard in a Sellers market... it is fairly easy to get approved in a Buyers market!

When selling you want clauses that 1) Enforces the end-buyers earnest money (which I normally make them put up at least $2,500 NON-REFUNDABLE). 2) Reiterates the fact that I am selling the property for CASH and AS-IS with no inspection period. 3) Ads a penalty if they do not close on time. This can be done by saying something like "Closing may be extended by 10 days if buyer deposits an additional $1000 NON-Refundable earnest deposit and pays a $50 per diem". 4) Explains I will refund all earnest money if I cannot pass the end-buyer "Clear Title".

Ask your local real estate title company, attorney, or real estate agent for help when creating your clauses and learning how to wholesale real estate.

Well I hope your full of wholesaling goodness and ready to rock it out and take your real estate business to the next level. And let's be honest with each other... the only wealthy person I know that plays cowbell is Will Ferrell.

You will only be successful if you take immediate action on your new found knowledge and go out into your local target market and get to work. No one is going to make it happen for you so I encourage you to put yourself out there and give yourself permission to fail. Failure is part of the success process and many of the greatest athletes, scientists, and business people made mistakes along their journey to the top. They achieved greatness because of their willingness to take action and put themselves out there.

Remember that "Specialized Knowledge + Purposeful Action = Success" and that Clever Investor always strives to bring you the best real estate investment education found online!

America's Rockstar Wholesaler,

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