Using Bandit Signs To Find Motivated Sellers And Cash Buyers.

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Do you see a McDonald's on every major street corner? Those dang "Golden Arches" are everywhere and I can't help but wish I was able to brand myself like that as a real estate investor. Imagine how many deals you could do if you were able to advertise on every McDonald's sign in your local area?!

Well since you probably cannot afford the $1,750,000 cost to get your own Mickie D's, today I have a fresh guerrilla marketing tip to help you generate more motivated seller and cash buyer leads on the cheap.

Introducing the "Bandit Sign".

Bandit signs are small plastic corrugated yard signs that are typically 18 X 24 or 12 X 18 inches in size that get strategically placed on street corners or on utility poles.

Bandit signs typically cost around 99 cents to $2.00 per sign and normally get placed into the ground using a metal H frame or by being nailed to a wooden stake (the same kind you would kill a vampire with ;-)). When being hung on a wooden pole investors typically just nail them up using roofing nails.

My favorite website to buy bandit signs from is I get my wooden stakes and roofing nails from the Home Depot.


Just kidding... bandit signs are illegal and you can get a ticket for putting up signs. But hey... unless you can afford a billboard (or a McDonald's) I suggest you go for it, but put your signs up on a Friday and take them down on Sunday night (inspectors typically don't work weekends). Also, use a Google Voice number that gets forwarded to your cell to help avoid detection (like a marketing ninja).

8 Super Awesome If I Do Say So Myself Bandit Sign Tips:

  1. Handwritten signs work great for selling properties, and printed signs work great for buying properties. And if your lazy like me you will make your intern do all the work (thanks Josiah :-)).
  2. Signs stay up longer in low income and working class neighborhoods. Also you will be less likely to get a ticket.
  3. Place your signs near grocery store, bank, and big box store entrances.
  4. Consistently farm an area. The average person will need to "see your message" 11 times before taking action!
  5. Don't over populate an area with your signs. This is the fastest way to piss the local residents off.
  6. Don't zip tie a red bandit sign with white text to a "stop sign" (ask me how I know this)!
  7. Smaller signs typically stay up longer (and cost less).
  8. Use yellow signs with black text if you live in a place where there is snow!

So now that you are convinced that bandit signs work to generate motivated seller and cash buyer leads, let me show you some examples of signs that I have used in the past:

Well, hopefully this post motivates you to get out there and blanket your target areas with some bandit signs. I have generated hundreds and hundreds of motivated seller and cash buyer leads using these yard signs and now you can too! Learning how to invest in real estate has never been easier with free education like you find here on (shameless back patting).

Just remember... Clever Investor is awesome... City Inspectors suck... and if you get caught by one... just tell them that you work for your competition and to send them the ticket! ;-)

Until next post,

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