How To Rehab Houses Part 2

Hey I'm back with the next video in our 4 part series teaching you how to rehab houses for HUGE paydays. In today's video we are going to continue our walk through with my project manager(s) while they give you insider tips and tricks to fix-n-flip houses for less money. If you missed video #1 and need to catch up... CLICK HERE.

Learn How To Rehab Houses The Clever Investor Way

The biggest take-a-ways from this video (Part 2 of 4) are:

  1. How to save money when making renovation decisions.
  2. The importance of getting multiple bids from sub-contractors.
  3. Why you shouldn't jackhammer in your business suit. :-)
  4. Where to get inexpensive window coverings that look great.
  5. Home Depot, Lowes, or neither?
  6. How to open up a kitchen without sacrificing storage.
  7. Why spending more money in the kitchen is a great idea.

Well, as you can tell I heavily rely on my power team members to help do all the heavy lifting when it comes to rehabbing houses for HUGE paydays. I never was good at construction... I think I will just stick with finding deals and cashing BIG checks... and leave all the dirty work to other people!!!! ;-)

Hope you are enjoying the free real estate investing training videos.

Your rehabbing friend in the biz,

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