Don’t let your own fears ruin 2019


I am a huge believer in cracking the code to conquer fear. You must overcome your fears to become a successful investor.

Here are some tips to avoid being consumed with fear:

Point #1

Make it a habit to shift any negative attitude. Change your mood and outlook to a positive one.

Point #2

Feed your mind only positive thoughts. Fill yourself with positive affirmations and they will become your reality.

Point #3

Fear is NOT real. It’s only a mindset.

Before we can focus on our dreams we need to address a universal fear.

The Universal Fear: Fear of Failure

The most common fear that cripples us is the fear of failure. This is why people stay in nice, safe, secure jobs and they never venture out on their own. There’s nothing wrong with having a job that you like but, if you want something more in life you need to train your mind to embrace failure.

In some cases having fear is a good thing because it keeps us out of harm’s way. But the truth is, most people manufacture their own fears. That little voice inside starts saying things like:

-What if I fail and I lose money?

-What if I fail and my friends or family say, ‘I told you this wouldn’t work?’

-What if I fail and people laugh at me?

Whatever your reason for fear is, it’s usually created by you.

Use the Universal Fear as a Competitive Edge

Start thinking of failure as part of the success process. Channel your fear of failure into these two positives:

1. It weeds out the competition. I am so thankful that what I’m doing is just hard enough to weed out my weaker competition. It makes winning at the game of real estate more enjoyable than if everyone could do it.

2. Give yourself permission to fail. If you give yourself permission to fail, you will always work through challenges with optimism.

I know there is always a point when you feel like you can’t hold it together and you feel like giving up. I think we’ve all been there before. No matter what gets thrown at you, don’t freak out. But, if you do, here’s a couple points to keep yourself in positive check.

Whenever You Start to Feel Fear of Failure, Remember…

-Any issue that you run into is something that many others have faced before you. Someone else has run into the same problem or mistake and found a way to overcome it.

-With the right mindset and education, there’s nothing that you can’t get through. Absolutely nothing!

-It’s the journey to reach the final goal that’s important. If making money by investing in real estate was easy, everybody would be rich.

-Successful people all have one thing in common: their ability to overcome their fears and venture into the unknown with a “can do” attitude. At first, every task that you do will feel uncomfortable. Stay positive.

-Fear isn’t real. It’s just a villain that you create in your mind.

-Think with the millionaire mindset. Your core strengths will grow with each and every obstacle that you overcome.

It’s your job to slay your fears and challenges to obtain financial freedom.

What it Boils Down to…

Failure is not defeat. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you! Go out and conquer the world without fear and live the life you have always desired.

Take care, comb your hair!

Cody Sperber

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