Don't Be the Decisions Maker...Setting Your Higher Authority

There are 6 goals we look to accomplish on our first phone call and one of them is setting up our Higher Authority. Now what exactly does that mean? Well, I’ll explain it this way: Have you ever been to a car dealership and when it comes to the negotiations the salesman always says, “let me talk to my manager”… He’s using his Higher Authority! Rather than him be the decision maker and pitting you two against each other, he makes his manager the “bad guy” so he can maintain his rapport with you to sell you the car.

In real estate we need to do the same thing! We never want it to be us and the seller in the boxing ring fighting to get our way, we want to move ourselves to the sellers side of the table and be working together to get our Higher Authority to do whatever it is we need for the deal to work.

So who is your Higher Authority? It can be anyone/anything! For me, my Higher Authority has always been my wife, but it can be a business partner, a friend, even your dog. You just need to constantly refer to your “business partner” anytime a decision needs to be made to let your seller know you aren’t the final decision maker.

On the first call I do this very simply and it sets the tone from the get go that I will have to run everything by my Higher Authority moving forward. After getting all the info I need at the very end of the call I say something to the effect of, “Well thank you so much Mr. Seller for taking the time to talk with me today and I really hope we can work something out. Let me run this by my Wife/Business Partner/Etc.…they’re the one with the deep pockets and have the final word while I typically handle this side of the business. We’ll do some research and I’ll give you a call back with any further questions they may need me to ask. Thanks and have a great day!”

It’s always a little different, but the point is to let the seller know you ARE NOT the final decision maker and this will set you up for future success down the road when negotiating.

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