Why I Buy Expensive Cars

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When we think wealthy we typically think of big houses full of expensive items, fancy vacations to tropical locations, and most importantly: expensive cars. Whether it’s Teslas, Audis, Porsches or Lambos we often think the world of wealth is all about showing off your money through the cars that are driven.

For me real estate investing and digital marketing has made me fortunate enough to own some of the nicest cars ever made. I’ve worked incredibly hard to be able to own these cars but my motivation to own a nice car started long before I was making any money.

When I was young, my dad spent every weekend washing his 1978 T-top Corvette. It was his prized possession and he took incredibly good care of it meaning he spent a good amount of his free time in the garage so naturally I always went looking for my dad in our garage.

Through all this time together my dad taught me a lot about cars. He showed me all the small things from how to properly wash and detail cars and then even bigger things. For instance, the importance of taking care of your things, details are just as significant as the big picture, and most importantly: you have to take your time enjoying the process rather than rushing to get everything done.

Soon I was covering the walls in my bedroom with cars and I would stare at my Lamborghini poster all day. Dreaming of the chance to drive that kind of car one day.

My dad is my biggest hero and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could. His love for cars encouraged my love for cars, and when we didn’t have any money my dream of owning one of those nice cars one day felt so far away from reality.

But then I made tons of money through real estate investing and that dream became a reality. I finally was able to purchase my dream car and now my son and I spend time together doing “car stuff” my dad and I once did.

He goes to rallies with me, his bedroom walls are covered with posters of cool cars he hopes to own one day and he helps me take care of my cars. All of this leads to great bonding experiences and some memorable stories, like the time I was teaching my son how to wash my Rolls Royce. He dragged the end of the hose across the car multiple times and totally destroyed the paint… I fixed it and gave the car away as a gift to one of my employees a few months later.

Now he’s no longer on hose duty! But either way it’s funny how things come full circle in life. And at the end of the day it’s not about owning the expensive cars. Trust me, the build up to owning the cars was way more exciting and motivating than actually owning them.⁣

To me, what truly matters is the sense of accomplishment for reaching your goals.

I get a strong sense of pride and happiness when I get to hang out with my son or dad and share the experience of driving around in these cars.

I get a flashback to my childhood when I pull up to a stop light and see a kid’s face light up when they see their dream car pull up next to them. I can see their eyes brighten as they start dreaming of what it would be like to own a car like mine one day and it immediately reminds me of my younger years.

I guess what I’m saying is get motivated by whatever gets you motivated. Whether it’s a big house, financial freedom, taking care of your loved ones or even a sports car, take that motivation and capitalize on it! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

Just do you and have some fun along the way! Create fun and happiness while generating wealth through your passions and I promise you’ll create some great memories along the way.

Take care comb your hair,

Cody Sperber out.

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