Most Amazing Real Estate Investing Event That NO ONE Has EVER Heard of ....

Our Founder here at Clever Investor wanted to do something special for our top performers. Cody Sperber wanted to see real students make real deals in real time with their mentors right there to help. So we thought of Clever Labs, which is an exclusive 2-day event for elite level Clever Investor students. Coaches, so-called “Gurus” and real estate companies will talk your ear off at seminars about doing deals. Almost all of us have been there before we found out what actually works with real estate investing

But Clever Labs is not like those boring REI seminars at all. Clever Labs is all about real deals happening in real time. Select students attending a Clever Labs event get designated into groups that help keep each other accountable and reach their goals.

In 2 days, students gain more confidence and knowledge than in years of trying to do it themselves. These lucky students also get a hands on, step by step process of how to land lucrative deals - in REAL TIME. With over $50,000 worth of one-on-one time with mentors over 2 days, there are NO other events like Clever Labs out there!

Our last Clever Labs event was AWESOME! Every student there worked hard, but there was one group that was extremely special and topped the rest. Congrats to the winning team! They really showed what it takes to be a savvy and extremely CLEVER INVESTOR.

Winning names:

Sandra Hallman, Matthew McConkey, Vennessa McConkey, Sheila Peach, Gus Lopez, Nicole Troncoso

This team did an absolutely amazing job… They were determined and motivated, working with the full integrity of the system that Clever Investor provides. These investors progressed light-years ahead of where they were, right before their mentors’ very eyes. What an amazing experience for everyone at the Clever Labs event!

3 Game-Changing Benefits of Clever Labs Events:

  • With 2 solid days of over $50,000 worth of one-on-one time with mentors, you won’t find another program like Clever Labs.
  • Surround yourself with other high performers on your designated team that motivate each other to succeed.
  • Hold yourself and your fellow student investors accountable, failing forward and always learning.

Would you like the chance to get to attend a Clever Labs event like this one?


Clever is about community and this incredible event is just one of the ways we empower our students! We know everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did!