You Decide: Corporate Conveyor Belt or Real Estate Investing?

Hi guys, Franklin Cruz here – REI Drill Sergeant and Mentor …

American jobs are getting more and more SCARCE these days, that’s no secret to anyone. But is taking the exciting yet terrifying leap of faith into the unknown chasm of entrepreneurship really worth the headaches and confusion?

In a word (or two): OH. YES.

Like with removing yourself from any “comfy” situation, leaving a cushy corporate job for one of self-reliance can be daunting. But in the end, it’s almost ALWAYS one of the most rewarding things my students have ever accomplished.

I feel the same way: My real estate investing career is the second most rewarding thing in my life, ever. It’s second only to my amazing family – my beautiful, intelligent wife and my two adorable boys. Still don’t believe me? I have 10 more reasons why you should...

The Conveyor Belt Lifestyle of Corporate America

1. There is a ton of cutthroat competition going on for ONE available position. And all those job seekers competing for one available position are willing to accept a fixed salary with little or no room for a raise.

2. The typical corporate work schedule is 9 am - 5 pm, 40 hours a week. If you add drive time, 40 hours per week often becomes 55+ hours per week. Corporate vacation days are often limited to one to two weeks per year – if you are LUCKY.

3. Forced to work from the confines of your small desk in your small cubicle that you must remain at until your shift is over. Go home, wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

4. Must adhere to corporate dress code.

5. Your boss can tell you what to do WHENEVER HE WANTS! Your boss is like your MINI DICTATOR!

The Amazing Lifestyle of a Real Estate Investor

  1. My income potential is UNLIMITED and based entirely on the work I put into it.
  2. I have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want – Starbucks preferably.
  3. I like get things done as efficiently as possible so I have the most possible time to spend with my family. Because I have become a master of keeping a tight personal schedule, this has enabled me to take as much vacation time AS I WANT.
  4. I get to be as creative as possible while working on my own marketing campaigns. As a mentor, I am always working together with others and focused on their success.
  5. Dress code: Whatever I want! Today I wore a white V-neck, nice jeans and Converse with a gold watch.

It’s obvious how much more attractive being an entrepreneur is compared to being a soulless corporate slave.

Just kidding, God loves EVERYONE, so they’re not soulless. They just don’t know any better sometimes! But sometimes they do know, and they just make the choice to stay comfortable and not act. Well, that’s fine, that’s their choice to maintain mediocrity.

I choose to retain my ability to surround myself with people who REFUSE TO ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY. Because I know that anything less than the best for my family, friends, students and myself is simply unacceptable! So if you’re ready to just BE COMFORTABLE… fine.

Just don’t do it on my watch. =)

Many of my incredible students and colleagues are close friends of mine. This is by design, because I surround myself with excellence in everything that I do. Making the choice to become independently wealthy so I can provide for my family while helping my closest friends ALSO become wealthy is the ABSOLUTE BEST decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Working with real estate (my passion), I’ve been blessed with the opportunity become a self-made millionaire, show others how to do the same and provide work for my amazing staff. I did all of this in about a decade. I want to show YOU exactly how you can do this, too! But you gotta want it BADLY!

Stay blessed, friends. Here’s to your success with real estate.


Franklin Cruz
Real Estate Investing Expert

P.S. Got a Mentor?

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Do YOU think I am spot on, or do you think I am way off? Do you love your corporate job and want to keep it? Or would you do anything to have your own business and FINALLY enjoy the financial freedom that can come with being an entrepreneur?

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