Which Phone System Should You Use In Your Investing Business?

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So the other day I was trying to explain to a new mentoring student of mine how to set up their phone numbers so he could track his real estate investor marketing efforts. Although it is not complicated, it does require some explanation. Like my student, you may be in the process of setting up your brand new real estate investing business and wondering the same thing... and that is where this totally awesome blog post comes in!

Top Real Estate Investor Marketing Phone Systems To Use:

Google Voice - VOIP service offered from Google that gives you a FREE local phone number with voicemail. The great thing about using Google Voice is the fact that if your prospect leaves a voicemail message, the service transcribes the message and sends you an email with the MP3 as well as the transcription. Also you can record your Google Voice calls by pressing "4" anytime during a call and the call will get recorded and saved to your email. Google Voice is easy to set up and use by visiting Google.com/Voice.

CLEVER INVESTOR TIP #1 - When using Google Voice, go into the settings area by clicking on the "Gear" drop down menu in the top right hand corner and selecting "Calls" from the menu bar. Under "Caller ID (Incoming)" select "Display My Google Voice Number". Also while you're there, select the checkbox next to "Call Options" to turn on the call recording feature.

Next, program your Google Voice number into your mobile phone as "Motivated Seller ____________". In the blank add the specific type of marketing you will be using that Google Voice number for. As an example, if you were using the Google Voice number for all your bandit sign marketing, program your Google Voice number into your mobile phone as "Motivated Seller Bandit Signs". This way when you receive a call you will immediately know that this is a call from that specific type of marketing and you can get yourself to a quite place and get mentally prepared to talk with a motivated seller! This tip can be used for any marketing phone numbers you are using in your real estate investing business. I personally have one number programmed in for my Bandit Sign campaigns, one for my Direct Mail Marketing campaigns, and one for my Online Marketing campaigns.

The only major downside to using Google Voice, is the fact that you can only have one Google Voice number assigned to you per cell phone. In other words, you cannot have multiple Google Voice numbers going to one cell phone. This poses a challenge if you want to have multiple phone numbers programmed into your phone, or if you are trying to outsource your inbound calls to an assistant or team member.

Ring Central - This is another VOIP service that has many features and is fairly cheap (around $10 a month). Like Google Voice, you can get a local phone number assigned to you that rings to any phone you want (including your cell phone). Probably my favorite feature that Ring Central offers is their App for smart phones. After downloading the App you can easily make outbound calls from your cell phone that come from your Ring Central number. This way no one knows your personal cell phone number! Visit www.RingCentral.com to learn more about this service.

Vumber - This is my last recommendation for useful phone systems for real estate investors. Vumber, like Ring Central and Google Voice, is a VOIP phone system with many of the same features. What is different about Vumber is the fact that you can cheaply forward your inbound calls to a virtual assistant (like in the Philippines or India) for the low monthly cost of $19.95. Visit www.Vumber.com to learn more about this service.

In my personal real estate investing business, I have one Google Voice number, and two Ring Central numbers. All of them forward to one of my team members that answers all our inbound calls and screens them. If they pass the "motivation" test, then I hop on the phone with them, negotiate and close the deal. The goal when using multiple phone numbers is setting up a single email account that all voice mails and transcriptions filter into. That way you are not logging into separate systems trying to get access to your messages!

So it's Saturday, sunny with blue skies, and about 75 degrees here in Arizona. I think I am going to take my kids to the park, and my son, Hudson, has soccer practice in a couple of hours. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gave you some useful advice on how to organize your real estate investing phone system. As always, I strive to bring you the highest quality real estate investor training and education. If you liked this post or if you simply have a recommendation for my next blog post... feel free to leave a comment below.

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