Top 10 Things I Outsource

Cody Sperber here,

back at ya again with another action-packed lesson. For today’s topic, we’ll be answering a question that I get asked all the time:

“What’s the secret to my success?”

One ginormous breakthrough I contribute my success to was when I effectively learned how to outsource.

Outsourcing is when you contract business functions to an outside third party. It’s vital because it allows you how to focus on the tasks that require your highest and best skills by freeing you up from daily basic business operations.

I know you guys are now wondering what some of the things that I outsource are, so for today’s lesson I’m going to share the top 10 things I outsource.

The VA

Before we go into my list, though, I want you to realize that finding talented VA’s (virtual assistants) and training them is necessary or you will end up spending all your time training bad hires and it will all be a waste.

I make sure to hire good workers, give them the best education and equipment needed to do the job, and then I leave them alone to focus on the tasks at hand. Since the assistants are virtual, I have half the overhead and get more done than if I was to have onsite staff like a conventional business.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can be both a relief and a little scary at the same time. The key to successfully outsourcing is to have a clearly defined plan with clearly defined directions for your hired help that was previously performed in-house.

The best countries to outsource to are the United States, Mexico, India and the Philippines. For the type of work you should be outsourcing, you should plan on paying between $2-$5 per hour. To get started, you only need a computer, internet, email, phone, screen capture program and a free Skype account.

Now then, let’s jump in and get down to business…

The Top 10 Things I Outsource

So what do I outsource? Here are the monthly tasks that made it to the top of my list…

#1 Content Writing

When it comes to search engine optimization and marketing yourself online – content is king. I used to write at least one article or blog post per day, but then I found a solid writer and began outsourcing this task. This freed up at least an extra hour for my daily schedule. All my blogs are still my stories, lessons, and knowledge, but I just have the writer transcribe what I want to say through recordings and then make it look pretty.

>#2 Market Research

If I was going to invest in a new area or one that I haven't purchased in recently, I would have my VA look up recent foreclosures, crime, rental statistics and active listings to help me get a good idea of what the current market is like.

# 3 Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation is so time consuming, especially when you are answering questions on real estate forms, contacting real estate agents in your local area, posting ads on classified sites and so on. Have your VA focus on making the phone ring and then you just make sure to be ready to answer it once it does.

#4 Social networking

Social networking can also be time consuming, but it's very rewarding if you do it right. I have my VA set up my accounts, handle connection requests, post relevant content and forward to me any direct messages I get on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

#5 Craigslist and Backpage Ad posting

If you plan on flipping houses, chances are you’ll be posting ads on classified sites such as and My VA set up three accounts on Craigslist and posts my available inventory over and over so they are always on the top of the list.

#6 Posting Online Flyers

My VA is trained to post my property flyers on classified sites, various investing blogs, my website and on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

#7 Video Syndication

My assistant also uploads my property videos to for syndication and posts them on various social networking sites.

#8 Social Bookmarking

Social bookmark on sites like and and through contacting real estate agents in your local area, posting ads on classified sites. Have your VA focus on making the phone ring and then just make sure to be ready to answer it once it does and do it right.

My VA has a list of the top 50 social bookmarking websites and has created accounts on each one of them. Every time we put out some new content, my VA bookmarks it on each of the social bookmarking sites over a three-day period, which helps my content get distributed over the web.

#9 Email List Building

As a real estate wholesaler, I make my money from selling properties to my buyers list. I have built my list over the past 6+ years and continue to do so with the help of my VA. Whenever I network with somebody on a social networking website, my VA contacts them and asks them if I can include them in my mailing list. They also drive traffic back to my Squeeze Pages, which automatically inputs any submissions directly into my list.

#10 Cliff’s Notes

Sometimes I have my VA sit in on different real estate educational webinars and conference calls and create Cliff’s Notes for me to review so I don’t have to go myself. This way I can stay up-to-date with what’s working in the real estate world, stay educated and connected.

So now that we know how and what to outsource, it's time to go online and find our virtual assistant. Do you want to know how to do this Sperber style? Well then look for my next blog coming soon: 5 Steps to Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant.

Until next time then…

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