Real Estate Investing SEO - How To Choose The Right Keywords

Short Tail Vs. Long Tail Keywords - How Optimizing For The Right Keywords Will Help You Generate More Real Estate Investor Leads

When creating a pay per click campaign or doing onsite SEO for your real estate investing website or blog one of the most important decisions you will have to make is which search phrases to target. Like a mindreader you will have to foresee what phrase or phrases your potential customers will input in the search engines when searching for your real estate services. Short tail keywords are small specific keyword search phrases used in a search engine to describe what a searcher is looking for. Some examples of short tail keyword are "real estate" and "short sale". Long tail keyword phrases typically are more detailed and specific to your locality. Some examples of long tail keyword phrases are "McCormick Ranch Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate" or "Chandler Arizona Short Sale Realtor". The goal is finding balance and focusing on your main "medium tail" real estate keyword phrase for your main page and then creating more detailed specific sub pages for your long tail keyword phrases.

Adwords Keyword Tool, the phrase "Real Estate" was searched 1,500,000 times in April 2013. It was the most heavily searched real estate phrase in America. "House For Sale" was searched 668,000 times, and “Houses For Rent" was searched 469,000 times.,,, and are the top results on Google for these search terms and it would be nearly impossible to ever outrank any of these sites. Targeting general terms will surely generate leads, but are they the kind of leads you want? If you own a real estate brokerage in Chandler, Arizona then you will want to target local business or those looking to relocate to Chandler! Only a small fraction of the 1,500,000 that searched "Real Estate" want to look for homes in Arizona let alone Chandler, AZ.

Let's take a look at the number of searches for the same keyword phrases but with more description. "McCormick Ranch Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate", "Chandler Arizona Short Sale Realtor", and "Cheap 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale In Chandler Arizona" all show that Google "does not have enough data" to provide any search results for these phrases. That doesn't mean that nobody searched these keywords, it just means that even if you ranked #1 for any of these phrases you would not generate a ton of business. Long tail keyword phrases are great to target once you have established yourself as a Google leader in a certain market or niche!

Focus Your Main Landing Page On A Specific Medium Tail Keyword

Ahhhhh the medium tail keyword....these are they keyword phrases that you want to optimize for! This should be your niche, your territory, and what your describe yourself as. For example I rank #1 “We Buy Houses Arizona". My main page at focuses the meta and title tags, as well as the content around this specific search phrase. According to our trusty Adwords Keyword Tool “We Buy Houses Arizona" is searched approximately 191 times per month. That means because I optimized my “Motivated Seller” website for the medium keyword phrase “We Buy Houses Arizona”, I generate around 160 people per month that land on my page (not all of the 191 searchers click my #1 ranking link). And because it converts about 75% of the people that land on the site into website form submissions, I generate approximately 120 Motivated Seller leads per month! As a professional real estate investor this amount of leads (just from this one medium keyword phrase) is enough to power my investing business.

So Here's The Formula For Real Estate Investing SEO Success

First you need to decide what medium tail keyword phrases you want to target. Try using some of the free Google tools such as the Adwords Keyword Tool and Site Analytics. Search some phrases you would type in if you were looking for your service and see who your competitors are. If they are a large corporation chances are your search phrase is too general and you need to re-examine your keywords. Over time your sites analytics will tell you how much traffic your site is getting and from what keywords...this will help you focus your main page to the best real estate keyword phrases that produce the most leads. Some good examples of medium keyword phrases to target are “Sell House Fast Your State", “Your State Fast Homebuyer", "City And State Cash For Houses", "Your City And State Short Sales", “I Buy Ugly Houses In City, State", and “Paying Cash For State Houses". Second build sub pages around specific long tail keyword phrases. This is your chance to dominate your local market by grabbing the leads for specific subdivisions or types of properties. Some examples of this would be “We Buy Chandler, Arizona Houses For Cash", “Sell Your Chandler, Arizona House For Cash", or “Arizona Wholesale Properties For Sale". These phrases are the least competitive and easiest to rank for. Maybe only a few searches per month will occur for these terms, but at least you will grab the leads. Also what will happen is as your site grows and your pages get indexed you will start ranking for various synonyms and arrangements of these terms!

  • Don't stuff your pages full of keyword phrases. Google frowns upon this practice and can actually hurt you in the long run.
  • Write good supporting content to go along with your chosen search phrase or phrases. Content is absolutely king and good copy will launch your site to the top of the SERPS.
  • Make sure each sub page you create for your long tail keywords has a way for your customer to contact you. Make your phone number and contact form easy to find...this helps with conversion
  • Remember real estate investing SEO is a turtle race and takes time. Spend time each day creating just one sub page focused on a long tail keyword.
  • Remember that your Meta and Title Tags should go along with your medium or long tail keyword phrases. Each sub page should have unique meta and title data.
  • Hope this helps explain the importance of short tail vs. long tail keywords and its importance with balklänningar

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