Hiring a Virtual Assistant (When)

I am a strong believer in scaling your business and growing it to where you’re working ON your business rather than IN your business. But there’s a key ingredient needed to hire a VA and make sure they’re effective…you have to know how to do it yourself! How can you expect to train them, answer questions and give feedback on how to handle objections if you haven’t done it enough yourself to know?

Here’s my philosophy…do EVERY aspect of your business at the beginning. From lead generation to property research to in person appointments to picking up the check, then once you’re so busy that it’s actually hurting your business to do everything…that’s the time to look for a VA and fire yourself from one or a couple tasks.

Typically you’re going to fire yourself from the tasks you like doing the least that are relatively easy to teach someone else. This might be phone calls for lead generation, inputting data, running comps, paperwork, and guerrilla marketing tactics like driving for dollars/bandit signs/door knocking. Tasks like this are what I like to call “$10/hr.” jobs and I want you to grow your business to where you’re focusing on $100-$200/hr. tasks!

If you thin you're ready to start hiring a VA then make sure and go to my post 5 Steps to Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

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