6 Easy Steps To Selling Your Properties Online, Part 2

From Cody Sperber, the Clever Investor ...

Hey guys, today I’m sharing the final 3 awesome steps that’ll help you sell your properties using the net. In part 1, I covered the first 3 steps, so in case you missed that posting, check it out here and then come back so you can get the rest of this valuable info.

In part 1, I talked about how super important it is to have your own online presence from a blog or website. I also discussed the easy ways that video syndication, property flyers and Craigslist can help sell your properties with very little time and effort needed.

Good stuff, but there’s more…

Now let’s jump right back in with Step 4.

Step 4: Social Networking

I’m sure you know very well that social networking is being used these days for much more than connecting with friends. Businesses are using social networking to market their goods and sell their products. And you should be using them in the very same way.

I want you to focus on 3 sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Facebook is quickly becoming the most powerful website in the world. You should be posting your investment properties on your personal, fan and group Facebook pages with a link back to your property website. (Again, as I stressed in Part 1 of this series, it’s vital that you have your own website or blog.)

For Twitter, you can use auto posting tools like tweetlister.com to post your available properties. It helps you quickly build a posting within the 140 character limit.

This does cost a bit, so if you’re just starting out as an REI, you’ll want to do it manually at first. As your business grows, you can automate the process with tools like tweetlister. As always, remember to post a link back to your website.

And finally for LinkedIn, use rofo.com's real estate app to post properties. This will not only share your properties with other rofo users, but will also display any of your properties on your LinkedIn profile page. So anyone who checks out your super cool profile will see your listings.

It's free, easy to use and currently the only property posting app available on LinkedIn. I'm a big fan of networking on LinkedIn and I made a ton of money selling properties to other real estate investors on the site. Like me, make sure you use LinkedIn often.

Step 5: Blogging

I’ll be honest. When I first heard of blogging I had no idea why anybody would want to sit around all day and write an online personal journal. That was until I discovered the power of one of my blog posts actually showing up on the first page of Google search results…then the light bulb lit up in my head and I had an aha moment.

So I set up blogs on several free blog posting sites like blogger.com, WordPress.org and activerain.com. And from those various blog posts, I started generating loads of buyer, seller and money leads.

At this very moment, I'm managing four different blogs focused on creating leads for different investment strategies. The point is, business blogging for leads works if you do it right, and it should only take you a few minutes a day once you get it set up.

So, you need to set up a free blog at blogger.com. Once you’re set up, post a mix of property flyers, YouTube property videos and your localized investing articles that are designed specifically for search engine optimization purposes. (I’ll say it one more time, be sure to check out Part 1 of this series where I tell you exactly how to do those things I just mentioned.)

In your articles, you’ll want to write about buying foreclosures or investing in bank-owned homes. The more content you write, the better your chances of showing up on the Google search results.

If you really want to be a marketing ninja and you're using an email marketing program like aweber.com or icontact.com, add the HTML code of your sign up form to your blog to help aid in building your VIP Buyers’ List.

Now, what I'm about to share with you might sound complicated at first, but it really isn't, so keep reading. Most blogs have a feature called RSS – ‘Really Simple Syndication’ feed.

Think of this feature as a way for viewers of your blog to subscribe to your blog's content. They can add your RSS feed to a feed reader such as google.com\reader, and every time you post a new blog posting, it’ll automatically be sent to them. Pretty cool concept, huh?

One of the first things I do after I set up my free property blog is add it to RSS and blog directories such as blogcatalog.com and feedjit.com for maximum exposure.

There are hundreds of blog and RSS directories, so just Google ‘Blog’ or ‘RSS Directories’ and start adding your site to as many as you can. Over time, you’ll get a good following and start to see some results.

Step 6 – Article Marketing and Credibility

Okay, we’ve made it to the final step of our 6-step online marketing plan. Now it’s time to acquire some credibility. We love credibility! Article marketing is a great way to brand yourself as an expert by teaching others how to do things.

Think of article marketing as a way for you to show off what you know, but not really as a direct promotional item. In other words, to be an effective article marketer, don’t try to market your houses directly, but rather teach others how to make money investing in real estate in your local area and at the bottom of each article that you write in your author bio, provide a link back to your property website or blog…

Tips for Article Marketing:

  • Articles should be 400-700 words
  • Write about local investing topics
    • Examples: How to Buy Phoenix Foreclosures; Why is Now the Time to Invest in Arizona Auction Properties; Buy, Fix and Rent: A Solid Strategy for Investing in Arizona Foreclosures
    • Distribute your articles to article directories

I'd like to share with you a personal example that really puts this final step into perspective…

A few years ago, I wrote a little article about how to stop foreclosure and submitted it to a bunch of article syndication sites. One was a website called articlealley.com.

Remember, a link to my website was at the bottom of my article… so let’s say I have 100 articles floating out there and each one drives 100 people back to my website, that's 10,000 leads I get to pick my deals from. I could literally stop writing articles at this point and the leads would just keep coming in.

Final Thoughts

Okay, let’s recap. Syndication is awesome! You can harness free technology to spread the word about your investment opportunities. By setting up this simple 6-step property launching system, you’ll be able to get your properties in front of millions of potential investors who are searching for good deals.

You’ll just need to write, write, and yeah, you guessed it, write some more to brand yourself online - not only as an expert, but to get the word out that you are actively investing in your local area.

When you follow these tips and strategies, I bet you’ll find that they are valuable tools that help you do more deals and make a lot more money.

Internet marketing can seem a little overwhelming, but no worries! It’s totally normal to feel that way regardless of whether you just made the decision to become a real estate investor or whether you've been at it for some time.

It's important to remember to take things one step at a time. With so much to do and so much to learn, (and so much money to potential bring in!) I feel like having a specific action plan, just like the one I’ve outlined for your, is paramount for your success.

You guys know I love feedback, comments and questions, so be sure to leave me a note or maybe suggest a topic you’d like me to cover in a future posting.

Until next time…

…keep it classy, gang.


Action Steps:

Check Out Part 1 – If you haven’t already read Part 1 of this two part series, go do it now. It’s loaded with great information.

Market Your Properties on Social Networking Sites – Join the social networking craze and use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help you connect and market your properties online.

Blog Your Heart Out – Set up a free blog account and post until you’re blue in the face. Your business blogs can generate leads, which will likely turn in to profit for you. The more you write, the better off you’ll be.

Use RSS Feeds to Your Advantage – Get over your fear of the unknown regarding RSS feeds. Simply add your blog to RSS directories so your readers will have more access to your posts. Not scary – so do it!

Make Your Article Marketing Credible – Article marketing creates credibility and provides a one-way link back to your website or blog. Writing will make you money. ’Nuf said.

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