Become the Master of Time Management and a Successful Investor


Every day is 24-hours. We all get the same amount of time time every day and we all do different things with it.

As a real estate investor and/ or an entrepreneur, we often spend our time stressed. I’ve been there before. I know exactly how it goes. Rushing around, trying to get everything done but there never seems to be enough time in the day.

Quickly, you become stressed and anxious, your mood takes a turn for the worst and you’re soon letting this negative mindset affect your work.

What if I told you I could show you how to break away from this stressful mess?

I figured out how to get away from this negative place and learned how to make my time more effective. How you can be in a good place mentally and physically, and produce the best work possible?

The key is simple: Time Management

Adopting good time management techniques in your business isn’t about getting more tasks done each day -- it’s about working smart. Simplifying the tasks that can be simplified, “creating a not to-do list” by getting rid of tasks you really don’t need and being more effective in your actions.

Obviously, easier said than done. So, I’m going to share my top three simple time management techniques that you can practice to start working smarter.

  • Technique 1: Start with auditing your morning and evening routine. Take control of your morning and nights, this will make controlling the middle of your day easier.

By auditing your routine, it makes planning your day simpler. It makes it easier to implement successful habits into your routine. You can plan out three to even five important tasks that you want to get done each day.

  • Technique 2: Get the hard work done first! By getting all of the critical work out of the way, you develop the skill of prioritizing tasks like a boss.

Decide what tasks are urgent, which have the closest deadline and have to get done. Those are the ones you should be focusing on and everything else is scheduled for later, delegated, automated or deleted.

  • Technique 3: Learn how to delegate. You are not a superhero. You are not meant to do everything.

A lot of tasks are not in your core competency, or they are simply low-return, high energy tasks that you can have someone else do. They might need to get done, but they are not tasks you should be doing.

You should be focusing on the big things, the tasks that are going to “move the needle.”

Be an effective delegator.

There it is, your blueprint to time management success. These are not skills you will develop overnight. They don’t magically appear in your skill set one day.

You will have to keep practicing them everyday in order to master them and even then you can always improve upon them. So keep working.

Learn more about my time management blueprint in my video here: Time Management For Real Estate Investors And Entrepreneurs

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