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How to Take the Road Less Traveled to Financial Freedom

After years in the real estate investing business, I’ve come to realize that there are two roads you can travel. The first road looks faster and easier, but ends up being much slower, harder, confusing and often ends up going nowhere. The second road typically goes unnoticed by most investors though, it’s available from the

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I Gave up on Trying to Find a Balance Between Work and Family

  I am so thankful for everything I’ve built and experienced. Being the CEO of multiple companies is incredible. Closing over 1,000 real estate deals in my 15 years of real estate has been life changing. Getting to speak at events across the country and inspire others to chase their goals through real estate investing

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Cody Sperber

Joining a REIA Club Changed the Game for Me

If you’ve never been to a local REIA club (Real Estate Investment Association) in your area, you need to. It’s the perfect place to network and can help you build your team. Joining a REIA club is easy, and worth it! WHERE DO I FIND A REIA CLUB? Visit the National REIA website and look

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Hidden opportunities Buying a House in a Bad Neighborhood

We all know that some neighborhoods are better than others and this typically affects the prices of the homes and sometimes the desirability of the house as well. Some investors hate buying houses in bad areas, others love it. There’s drawback and there’s also some hidden opportunity. If you are considering buying a house in

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Valentine’s Day: The Real Truth About Dating an Entrepreneur

First dates are always full of questions. Where are you from? Do you have any siblings? What do you do on your free time? And most importantly… what do you do for a living? For some of us, this question is a game changer. The other person’s professional title always has an effect on what

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Get a title company you trust!

  I will never be able to say it enough. Find yourself a title company you trust! This is crucial in the game of real estate investing and here’s why… So there’s this investor who’s buying a high-end property from a seller, and the seller was upside down and the investor decided to do a

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5 Blogs That Will Help You Crush Real Estate Investing

Hey all! I do everything I can to make sure my students are empowered with knowledge and support before they jump into real estate investing. I have a free book, free web classes, and a YouTube channel full of free training. I also have tons of blogs that can help you take your business to

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Why I Buy Expensive Cars

When we think wealthy we typically think of big houses full of expensive items, fancy vacations to tropical locations, and most importantly: expensive cars. Whether it’s Teslas, Audis, Porsches or Lambos we often think the world of wealth is all about showing off your money through the cars that are driven. For me real estate

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