#66: Mauricio and Bethany The Clever Investor Show Podcast

SUMMARY: Mauricio and Bethany talk about the different types of funds that an investor can look into as well as the normal pitfalls to be aware of and how to circumvent them. They have worked with Cody on the Clever Capital Fund for commercial real estate. These industry leaders provide valuable insight on how they produce, contract, and manage a fund for every investor. They detail the best ways to raise capital and advertise your fund.


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Mauricio and Bethany have started The Clever Capital Fund with Cody.


There are several rookie mistakes they see within their industry and talk about them in detail.


They break down the different types of funds and the best practices for them to be lucrative.


They discuss how to advertise the fund for different investors.



00:00 – Intro for Mauricio and Bethany

03:25 – What Are Some Of The Big Mistakes New Investors Make When They Are Trying To Raise Capital?

06:46 – Cody Has Started His Third Fund (The Clever Capital Fund)

07:30 – How Will They Raise 1M Dollars?

08:50 – What Are the Different Types Of Funds Available To An Investor?

13:00 – Funds Are Great For Diversification

13:56 – Break Down The Types Of Funds

15:47 – 3 Things You Need To Do Once You Are Selling Securities

16:38 – How To Advertise The Fund

18:50 – What If We Wanted To Give The Average Joe Or Jane A Shot At Investing?

21:03 – Converting A 506B To A 506C

22:35 – Should We Be Scared Of Funds?

24:18 – Work With Sponsors That Have A Track Record

24:47 – What Qualifies You As A GP vs. LP?

27:21 – To Raise Capital You Need A License

29:24 – Why You Want To Leverage A Sponsor’s Track Record

31:20 – Revenue & Compensation

33:14 – How To Get Better Deals To Other Investors

36:00 – Clubs And Perks For Investors

37:47 – How The Process Works When You Partner With Mauricio and Bethany

46:28 – The Redemption Option

48:01 – What Is A Subscription Agreement Compared To The PPM?

49:15 – Is There A Time Limit To How Long You Can Raise The Money?

51:28 – Can You Do More Than One Fund At A Time?

54:16 – When Is It Required To Have A PPM?

55:14 – How Do You Raise Money?

56:33 – What Software & Team Did We Use Behind The Scenes?

58:10 – What Are The No, No(s)?

1:00:30 – I Love What We Are Doing In Commercial Real Estate