#63: Matthew Beard The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Join Cody for a sit-down with Matthew Beard as he shares his journey from real estate agent to creative finance expert.

In this episode, we delve into the current challenges agents face and why transitioning to creative investment strategies is the key to better profits and financial freedom.

Discover the personal struggles Cody and Matthew encountered—balancing health, family, and the pursuit of success. This episode promises insights into bigger deals, the intricacies of creative financing in challenging markets, and the “snowball technique” for achieving property ownership.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, this episode is a treasure trove of rich insights and advice that could be the catalyst for the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss out!

Matthew Beard stands as a visionary investor, reshaping the contours of creative real estate. His innovative approaches and transformative strategies have not only challenged but redefined the traditional landscape of the industry.


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Personal Growth and Weight Loss Journey

Family and Work-Life Balance

Financial and Professional Goals

Real Estate Strategies and Market Adaptations

Creative Finance Techniques

Property Acquisition and Management

Personal Health and Investment Philosophy

Overcoming Operational Challenges in Real Estate

Market Outlook and Strategy Refinement

Advantages of Creative Finance in Property Acquisition

Financial Optimization Through Creative Approaches


00:00 Expresses gratitude and respect for the show’s impact.

10:11 Impact of rising interest rates on real estate.

11:27 Transitioning from single family to multifamily real estate.

16:31 Disclose fully, minimize risk, prioritize transparency.

23:24 Negotiating interest rate and payment terms creatively.

30:39 Investment firm offers real estate opportunities nationwide.

33:25 Invest creatively to build multiple streams of income.

37:25 Sell on wrap, buy on agreement for sale.

47:12 Real estate success impacted fitness and identity.

47:48 Struggling with keeping promises leads to personal growth.

55:29 Facing pain, stop running from it.

01:00:00 Divorced parent’s agony, hiding pain, facing consequences.

01:03:48 Striving for success, neglecting personal relationships.