#62: Andrew Loranger The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Today, we jump straight into the world of commercial real estate with Andrew Loranger. He walks us through his transition from a one-man show to leading a large team and highlights the pivotal role automation and strategic delegation play in this growth.

We take a deep dive into the real-life challenges of developing properties, covering everything from acquiring banks with Cody Sperber to facing unexpected taxes, and why Cody is shifting towards commercial projects. Alongside business talk, this conversation gets personal as both Cody and Andrew discuss the interplay of intuition, spiritual strength, and the right mindset in achieving success.

From lessons in hiring to spiritual nourishment and tackling unexpected hurdles in the real estate space, this episode is chock-full of insights. So, tune in and join us for a transformative journey that might just inspire your next big move. Let’s dive in!

Andrew Loranger, a Top Mortgage Broker at Millennium Mortgage, is more than just a financial expert. With a decade of experience, he has navigated $1 billion worth of mortgages. While mastering the financial realm, Andrew recently ventured into videography and is currently crafting a cutting-edge recording studio in Miami.


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Connect With Andrew:

Book a slot at “The Move” Studio: https://www.themovemiami.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drewsthemove

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-loranger1/

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If you need help with mortgages: https://www.millenniummortgage.io/


Business Opportunities

Commercial Real Estate Development

Business Growth and Management

Spiritual and Mental Discussion

Hiring and Mentorship

Learning from Experiences

Sales and Communication Training

Social Media and Networking

Studio Discussions and Videography Business

Real Estate Market Analysis

Tax Implications and Financial Strain

Lesson in Authenticity and Problem-Solving


00:00 Andrew sets up an impressive studio for free.

05:15 Speculative builders tax triggers significant unexpected costs.

07:18 Shifted to Scottsdale caused issues with profits.

10:44 Transitioning from single family to commercial real estate.

15:50 Banks make strong tenants, and need capital.

17:47 Maximize cash flow through bank retrofit or demolition.

22:05 Needed for videos and meetings, providing credibility.

25:48 Create podcasting studios with ownership in cities.

29:32 Jumping into the fire before you’re ready.

32:06 Not reading all books, need discipline.

33:22 Ignoring innate feelings leads to missed rewards.

38:06 Hire talented people, don’t overthink it. Let go.

43:28 Drew, stop overthinking, start taking action now.

44:30 Live daily real estate deal proving energy.

50:22 Confidence and expertise led to mortgage success.

50:50 Researching private money investors, offering multiple options.