#61: Grant Cardone The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode, Cody sits down with Grant to discuss important topics, such as the $100M defamation lawsuit Grant Cardone presented to John Legere…the in’s and all the out’s. They also discuss details of real estate rules, handling challenges in public life, and making significant business deals. They also explore the differences between trading secrets on Wall Street and in real estate, share real stories of unexpected fame, and discuss their experiences with influential individuals.

Get ready for a straightforward look at what it means to be a billionaire and the real impact of false accusations on a person’s feelings. They emphasize the importance of protecting one’s reputation. Cody and Grant openly share the good, bad, and standout moments from their real estate experiences, including a massive $400 million deal.

This episode offers simple advice on real estate investments without unnecessary complications. They also discuss upcoming plans in health and business education. Join us for a straightforward, informative conversation and a crucial lesson about staying resilient during tough times.

Grant Cardone is an American businessman, Private Equity Fund manager founder of 10X Studios, Cardone Ventures, 10X Health System and co-founder/investor in sixteen other businesses. Cardone is a New York Times best-selling author of seven business books, creator of Cardone U online education and founder of The 10X Growth Conferences (the largest business conference in the USA). Moreover, he was named the #1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine.


Insider Trading and Legality

Inspirational Figures

Unexpected Business Opportunities

Conspiracy Theories and Legal Challenges

Success And Its Ripple Effects

Defamation and the Importance of Reputation

Evolution of Relationships

Navigating Legal Battles

Investor Relations and Support

Real Estate Investment Strategies

Discussions on Debt and Real Estate Market

Taxation and Wealth Accumulation

Relationships and Support Systems

Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities

Commercial Real Estate Focus

Real Estate Acquisitions and Operations

Health and Wellness Venture

Business Growth and Development

Addressing Accusations and Lawsuits


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00:00 Hopeful about the real estate market despite challenges.

05:37 Scaled without traditional funding, aimed for public offering.

13:29 Two different paths, same gentleman. Opposing views.

20:20 “Speak about me or keep my name out.”

24:25 Stand up for yourself, avoid attention seekers.

30:22 Invest in real estate, get double returns.

36:11 Lawyer advised me to speak at the event.

39:08 Identify your market and seize real estate.

46:53 Seek 32-unit real estate deals with low rents.

52:08 Real estate resilient values may fluctuate.

55:05 Succeed as a real estate investor, improving life.

01:00:31 Left undercover billionaire show, frustrated with network.

01:09:51 Learn real estate investing tactics, mindset training. Subscribe.