#60: Cody Sperber The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Join Cody Sperber, on a transformative journey from real estate struggles to multimillionaire success. Discover the secrets of using money as a tool for a fulfilling life and the vital role of psychology in achieving true success. Cody shares insights on mindset, the power of winners, and living in the present. Learn to make success an obligation, embrace a dominant mindset, and turn life into something magnificent through bold actions. Explore strategies for changing your state, financial freedom in real estate, and get ready for an episode packed with actionable advice and motivational tales. Buckle up for inspiration to evolve, overcome adversity, and crush your goals!



Introduction to Personal Development and Winning Mindset

Building a Supportive Environment

Adopting a Dominant Mindset

The Concept of Changing One’s State

Daily Success Strategies

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Cody Sperber’s Real Estate Insights

Psychological Shifts for Real Estate and Life Success



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00:00 Real estate; struggle, sacrifice, determination, and growth.

06:31 Remembered heartbreak, real estate chaos, first triumph.

09:00 Follow the recipe for success, take action.

11:55 Know who you need to become. Embrace adversity.

14:17 Choosing victimhood hinders success and growth.

19:12 Balanced lifestyle prioritizing health, family, and success.

20:41 Toxic friendships leading to negative influences.

26:49 Change state using physical activities for positivity.

28:32 Shift from unresourceful to powerful through actions.

33:14 Learn from experts, engage in community, subscribe.