#59: Lamar Brown The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Cody is joined by Lamar Brown for a ]conversation on real estate strategies, the power of personal branding, and the pursuit of financial independence.

In this episode, they’ll cover the highs and lows of real estate investing — from managing challenging tenancies to navigating the legalities of raising capital. Lamar will reveal the challenges he faced with multifamily properties and the lessons he learned about transparent leadership.

Lamar Brown, a driving force at Monument Investment Group, is guided by an unwavering commitment to integrity in the dynamic realm of investments. With a strategic focus on opportunities grounded in trust and stability, Lamar expertly navigates the financial landscape, marking his journey with a relentless pursuit of excellence. His mission extends beyond profit – Lamar empowers individuals to forge paths to generational wealth through astute and principled choices, exemplifying a steadfast dedication to financial success.


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Investing Strategies and Building Personal Brand

Real Estate Legal Framework

Real Estate Challenges

Multifamily Investments Experiences

Leadership in Real Estate

Military Experience and Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Tools

Preferred Investment Locations

Podcast Collaboration and Promotion

Charitable Initiatives and Empowerment

Diverse Investment Strategies

Airbnb and Commercial Real Estate Insights

Technology’s Role in Real Estate

Educational Emphasis for Investment


00:00 Overcame challenges to succeed in real estate.

09:33 Created the first online CRM, innovated in marketing.

15:49 Constantly educated in “net time” about real estate.

22:15 Affordable housing projects and section eight investments.

24:35 Avoid trap investments, consider government-covered housing.

33:01 Exciting, effective investing while building a personal brand.

34:14 Entrepreneur’s branding efforts attract business opportunities.

43:30 Stopped illegal activity due to fear of jail.

47:27 Women achieve financial success through real estate.

50:52 Real estate challenges: litigation, squatting, financing.

58:02 Read Ed Mylette’s book “The Power of One.”

01:04:46 Give back, help others, especially kids.

01:08:23 Learn real estate investing strategies, tactical training.