#58: Jamil Damji The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Welcome to another episode where we dive deep into the world of real estate investing with the sharpest minds in the business. Today, Cody sits down with none other than Jamil Damji, a titanic figure in the industry known for his resilience and vast experience.

Listen as Cody and Jamil explore the dynamic shifts in the real estate market, the importance of assessing market health indicators such as inventory levels and days on the market, and strategies for making profitable offers. They also delve into the power of strong relationships with MLS agents, buyers, and the impact of shifting focus to commercial development.

Jamil shares personal struggles, from overcoming health issues to facing the emotional toll of loss, reminding listeners of the sacrifices made in entrepreneurship. They discuss how he leveraged challenges into growth, with a special focus on the Clever Capital Fund and its track record of successful real estate deals.

Tune in as they delve into the future of the market, forecast trends for 2024, and underscore the significance of love and integrity in overcoming challenges. Come be a part of an uplifting conversation rich with insights, personal stories, and the value of mentorship and comprehensive success in the dynamic realm of real estate investing.

You won’t want to miss this deeply personal and insightful discussion that spans from creating better living spaces for families to dealing with the trials of business and life. This is the Clever Investor Show – let’s get started.

Jamil Damji is a globally renowned real estate investor and entrepreneur. He co-founded KeyGlee, a nationally franchised real estate wholesaling outlet in 118 markets. As the visionary behind AstroFlipping, with over 4,000 members, he’s facilitated millions in student profits. Jamil hosted A&E’s “Triple Digit Flip” and is committed to teaching ethical and strategic real estate investment for generational wealth.


Market Analysis and Real Estate Strategy

Innovative Housing Solutions

Personal Real Estate Preferences and Social Impact

Investment Opportunities and Achievements

Mentorship and Professional Development

Challenges and Support

Integrity and Respect in Business

Guest Profile: Jamil Damji

Entrepreneurial Sacrifices and Loss

Personal Growth and Philosophy

Mentorship and Industry Influence

Engagement and Challenges in Social Media

Struggles and Resilience


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00:00 Numbness and tingling in body, doctor appointment.

03:45 Urgent surgery to prevent paralysis scheduled tomorrow.

09:17 Wholesalers anticipate market upturn, prepare inventory.

09:53 Anticipating increased retail activity in early 2024.

13:49 Key real estate market indicators: inventory, days.

16:23 Property value depends on market conditions and perception.

20:06 Shayna Farnsworth creates housing solutions for crowded families.

25:15 Moving away from luxury to focus on affordable housing.

25:44 Built affordable housing, focus on commercial real estate.

31:52 Being true to self and emotional guidance.

33:16 Seeking happiness, cutting out negativity, avoiding fakeness.

37:56 Podcaster recalls unusual experience with Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.

40:03 No time for negativity, life is fragile.

44:43 Quickly repels blessings, people, and opportunities, triggering doubt.

46:42 Meaningful relationships lead to long-term success.

51:06 Security breach led to unauthorized cryptocurrency stream.

52:13 Hacker bypasses two-step verification, security concerns.

56:01 Encouraging viewers to follow and share content.