#55: Max Jimenez The Clever Investor Show Podcast

This episode cuts right to the heart of the trade, exploring both the emotional rollercoaster and the financial nuances of real estate wholesaling. Join Cody and special guest Max Jimenez as they share their personal challenges and triumphs within the industry, including how dealing with criticism can shape one’s path. They delve into strategic advice about the current market, from affordable properties to creative financing and the need for unyielding dedication. Discover the essentials of goal-setting, the value of networking, and the transformative power of a well-crafted personal brand. They discuss everything from the historical lessons of Cortez to the modern-day struggles of building a real estate empire.

Get ready for an episode packed with actionable insights and raw stories that underscore the crucial mindset and tools required to thrive in real estate wholesaling. Let’s push the boundaries, overcome setbacks, and charge towards success together.

Max Jimenez is a Phoenix, Arizona, native renowned as “El Cerrador Jimenez.” With a knack for closing deals, he founded “TheClosersLab,” where he simplifies the process of closing deals, tackling rejections, explaining sales steps, and dissecting complex transactions. Max is your trusted mentor for mastering the world of sales


Impact of Family Influence on Goal Pursuit

Real Estate Wholesaling Strategies and Market Insights

Mindset and Dedication in Real Estate Wholesaling

Creative Financing Techniques and Building Buyer Lists

Networking and Personal Branding

History and Motivation Insights

Cautionary Advice on Real Estate Education and Mentorship

Building a Resilient and Abundant Mindset

Importance of Psychology in Real Estate Wholesaling

Consistency, Branding, and Networking in Business Success

Systemizing for Business Scalability

Increased Business Potential from Effective Processes

Real Estate Financial Goals and Market Observations

Developing Professional Skill Sets and Adapting to Market Changes

Retirement and Wealth Goals


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[00:00:00] Fast-track your dream lifestyle through real estate.

[00:05:30] Committed to wholesaling, didn’t worry about obstacles.

[00:06:55] Resourceful Cortez leads calculated conquest, defying odds.

[00:11:03] Multiple deals fell apart due to various issues.

[00:14:50] Father-in-law’s encouragement helped in tough times.

[00:18:41] Wholesalers need realistic income goals and strategy.

[00:20:28] New team members set 90-day revenue goals.

[00:24:38] Different upbringing influences views on money, success.

[00:27:04] Properties are traded, sold at massive discounts.

[00:29:47] Prioritize speed and convenience in payments. Be empathetic.

[00:35:16] Few seek self-improvement, prefer social comparison.

[00:38:09] Learn and partner to move properties profitably.

[00:38:5]0 Get deals and collaborate with trusted partners.

[00:42:59] Develop personal brand through content, AI, mentorship.

[00:47:32] Many don’t understand what a motivated seller is.

[00:51:22] Consistent effort builds brand, network, and deals.

[00:53:44] Free podcast gift, discussing real estate market survival.