#54: Bryant, Forrest & Robert Wensley The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In today’s episode, we have Bryant, Forrest, and Robert Wensley from Investor Lift. They delve into the current real estate landscape, wholesale deals, and market dynamics. Join Cody and his guests as they explore topics such as The Mobile Marketing Machine, nationwide wholesaling, and how Investor Lift is staying ahead in this evolving industry.

Tune in for valuable insights into market conditions, strategic market selection, and our latest features for investor profiles and wholesaling partnerships. They will also address challenges faced by newcomers and highlight the resources provided by platforms like sendustheDeals.com and dodealswithme.com. It’s an episode packed with industry wisdom and a touch of humor!

Robert Wensley has worked in the real estate industry for the past five years. As the Chief Executive Officer of InvestorLift, a company disrupting the real estate investment industry with data and technology, he has facilitated $1 billion in off-market real estate deals through the software InvestorLift. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in growing multiple wholesaling companies to over $1 million per month in assignment fees earned. Wensley is a Harvard graduate in Economics with minors in Finance and Government, and he holds various certifications, including Firebase, iOS App Development, and Python/Django Full Stack Web Developer.


Introduction of the Speakers and Discussion of Investor Lift

State of the Real Estate Market and Scaling Wholesaling Business

The Impact of Economic Factors on the Real Estate Market and Wholesaling

How Wholesalers Can Benefit from Working with Investment Firms

The Impact of Regulatory Changes and Technological Advancements on the Real Estate Industry

Personal Stories and Anecdotes

Strategies for Wholesalers to Achieve Success in Real Estate


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[00:02:08] Wholesale marketing platform excelled with innovations.

[00:07:38] Think strategically before expanding into multiple markets.

[00:11:11] Focus on wholesaling, increase efficiency, multiple markets.

[00:15:24] NAR faces a $5 billion lawsuit over commission.

[00:21:18] Tracking buyer behavior for more accurate predictions.

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[00:33:42] Outsource contracts, focus on maximizing profits.

[00:36:50] Avoiding conversations, struggling with coaching, switched approach.

[00:45:54]Stock market dip affected banking credit lines.

[00:46:56] Hedge funds stopped buying debt instruments together.

[00:55:48] Fix and flip strategy adapting to the market.

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[01:06:39] Join our podcast for interviews and strategies.